Brexit: education, science and research

How will exiting the European Union affect the UK's education system? Read analysis from Parliament's libraries and committees on the impact of Brexit.


International and EU students in higher education in the UK FAQs
(updated 21 February 2018)
Answers questions about international and EU students in the UK, sets out statistics in this area and outlines policy issues

Impact of exiting the EU on higher education
Provides an overview of issues concerning higher education as a result of Brexit and outlines parliamentary debate in this area

Exiting the EU: challenges and opportunities for higher education
Report calls for clarity over university staff from the EU and for immigration to better meet the needs of higher education

Science and research

Science diplomacy
Explains what science diplomacy involves and considers the role science diplomacy could play post-Brexit

What can research tell us about Brexit?
Overview of how researchers are engaging with Brexit and what they are discovering 

Industrial Strategy: science and STEM skills
Report welcomes the Government's industrial strategy Green Paper but it could give more room for discussing its links with Brexit

Support for science
Looks at public funding for research and how the scientific community responds to the UK's decision to the leave the EU

Exiting the EU and science and research
Information on the impact of exiting the EU on science and research, listing related press articles and Parliamentary material

Implications and opportunities for science and research
Report urges Government to exempt EU scientists and researchers already working in the UK from immigration controls

Leaving the EU: funding for universities and scientific research
Looks at current university and research funding in the UK and some of the key issues raised following the referendum result

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News from across the House

News from across the House of Commons and House of Lords

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