Archives Accommodation Programme


The Archives Accommodation Programme has been set up to consider if we should relocate the Parliamentary Archives from its current home in Victoria Tower in the Palace of Westminster, to an alternative site.

A relocation would serve to better protect these nationally-important collections, provide greater public access, and promote a greater understanding of Parliament and its history by widening access to its heritage collections.

No decision has yet been taken on a new location for the Archives. Options are being considered and the purpose of the Programme is to identify a preferred one.

The Archives Accommodation Programme is not part of the Restoration and Renewal Programme but it is running in parallel to it, and interdependencies are being closely managed.


A series of short videos have been produced, which provide a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the Parliamentary Archives.

Further Information

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Did you know?

The Parliamentary Archives is the oldest in the world and contains four million records, including all acts of Parliament from 1497 onwards and important historical documents such as the Death Warrant of King Charles I (1648/9), the Bill of Rights (1689), and the Great Reform Act (1832).

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