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Standing Orders Committee

84 Appointment of Standing Orders Committee (HC 103)

At the commencement of every session of Parliament a Standing Orders Committee shall be appointed, consisting of the Chairman of Committees and such other lords as shall be named by the House.

85 Quorum (HC 103)

Three of the lords so appointed shall form a quorum in all opposed cases; but in unopposed cases the Chairman of Committees may act alone.

86 Notice of meeting

Three clear days' notice shall be given of the meeting of the Standing Orders Committee.

87 Reference to Standing Orders Committee of reports from Examiner of non-compliance with standing orders, etc. (HC 104)

(1) All certificates from the Examiner in which he has certified that the standing orders have not been complied with shall be referred to the Standing Orders Committee; and that committee shall report to the House whether such standing orders ought or ought not to be dispensed with, and whether the bill, or any portion thereof, should be allowed to proceed, and upon what terms and conditions, if any.

(2) All special reports from the Examiner as to the construction of a standing order shall be referred to the Standing Orders Committee, and that Committee—
       (a) shall determine, according to their construction of the standing order, and on the facts stated in such 
            report, whether the standing orders have or have not been complied with, and
       (b) shall then either report to the House that the standing orders have been complied with, or, as the case 
            may be, shall proceed to consider the question of dispensing with the standing orders, and report to the 
            House as provided in paragraph (1).

88 Proceedings upon Examiner's certificate or special report

(1) When an Examiner's certificate or special report is referred to the Standing Orders Committee, the committee shall consider any statement of facts submitted by any party affected by any standing order referred to in such certificate or special report, provided such statement has been deposited in the office of the Clerk of the Parliaments, not later than 3 pm on the second day after the order for the meeting of the committee is made, or if that day falls on a non-sitting day, on the next sitting day.

(2) Such statement shall be signed by the party or his agent and confined strictly to the points reported upon by the Examiner, and no party on the consideration thereof by the committee shall be allowed to travel into any matter not referred to in his statement.

(3) On consideration of any such statement any party shall be entitled to be heard before the committee by himself or his agent.

89 Power of Standing Orders Committee to report, although petitions not presented to this House

The Standing Orders Committee shall have power to report on the cases referred to them in respect of any private bill, notwithstanding that a petition for the bill has not been presented to this House.