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Report, Third Reading and consideration of Commons amendments

147 Deposit of copies of bill as amended in committee at public departments (HC 180)

(1) Not less than three clear days before the third reading of a private bill, a copy of the bill as amended in committee shall be deposited at every department or office at which it—
       (a) was deposited under Standing Order 39 (Deposit of copies of bills at Treasury and other public 
            departments, etc.) or Standing Order 194 (Deposit of copies of substituted bill at public departments, 
            etc.), or
       (b) would be required to be deposited under those orders if it had been originally introduced as amended in 

(2) Proof of compliance with this order shall be given by depositing a certificate in the office of the Clerk of the Parliaments.

148 Amendments on report and third reading (HC 87, 183, 184)

No amendment shall be moved to any private bill on report or third reading, unless—
       (a) it has been submitted to the Chairman of Committees, and
       (b) copies of it  (to  be  printed unless  the Chairman of Committees shall consider printing to be unnecessary) 
            have been deposited in the office of the Clerk of the Parliaments one clear day at least prior to the report 
            or third reading of the bill.

149 Printing of bill after third reading (HC 185)

Every private bill originating in this House, other than a personal bill, shall after it has been read the third time, be printed fair at the expense of the promoters; and a copy thereof shall be deposited in the office of the Clerk of the Parliaments, and shall be the copy of the bill sent to the House of Commons.

150 Copy of Commons amendments, etc., to be laid before Chairman of Committees (HC 88)

A copy of all amendments made in the House  of Commons to any private bill originating in this House, and of all amendments to such amendments intended to be proposed by the  promoters  in  this  House, shall  be laid by the promoters or their agent, before the Chairman of Committees, before 2 pm on the day previous to that on which the same are respectively considered by the  House.