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Petitions for Bills

2 Petitions for bills (HC 2)

No private bill for which a petition has not been presented in the House of Commons shall originate in this House but upon a petition signed by the parties, or some of them, who are promoters of the bill.

3 Requirements as to proof before Examiner (HC 191A)

(1) Except in the case of a bill which has been certified in a manner mentioned below, compliance with the following Standing Orders 4 to 68, so far as applicable, must be proved before one of the Examiners as respects every private bill.

(2) Where it is intended to apply for leave to bring in a private bill relating to the estate, property, status, or style, or otherwise relating to the personal affairs, of an individual, the Chairman of Committees may, on an application being made, certify that the proposed bill—
       (a) is of such a nature as mentioned above, and
       (b) is in his opinion such that the said standing orders should not be applicable to it,
and the private bills so certified are in these orders termed personal bills.

(3) The proceedings in this House in respect to personal bills shall be subject to the provisions of Standing Orders 151 to 174.