Petitions against Private Bills

101  Limit of time for presenting petition against bill

(1) Subject to paragraph (2), no petition praying to be heard upon the merits against any private bill shall be received by this House unless the petition—

      (a) is signed by the petitioner or his agent, and

      (b) has been presented by having been deposited in the office of the Clerk of the Parliaments on or
           before 6th February,

except where the petition complains of any matter which may have arisen during the progress of the bill before the Committee or of the amendments as proposed in the filled-up bill deposited in the office of the Clerk of the Parliaments.

(2) In the case of—

      (a) any bill brought from the House of Commons, and

      (b) any bill as to which compliance with the standing order as to the time for depositing the bill has been
           dispensed with, and

      (c) any bill in respect of which the Examiner has certified that the standing orders have not been
           complied with, or in respect of which he has made a special report to the House, or in respect of which
           the examination has been held on or adjourned to a day after 27th January,

a petition against the bill may be deposited at any time not later than the tenth day after that on which the bill was read a first time or, if the House is not sitting on that day, the next day on which the House sits.

102  Supply of copies of petitions (HC 172)

A copy of any petition deposited in the office of the Clerk of the Parliaments praying to be heard on the merits against, or otherwise relating to, a private bill shall, on application and payment by any party interested, be supplied to him by the agent concerned with the petition not later than the day following that on which the application and payment is received.

103  Withdrawal of petitions (HC 173)

Any petitioner may withdraw his petition, on a requisition to that effect being deposited in the office of the Clerk of the Parliaments, signed by him or his agent; and where any such petition is deposited by or on behalf of more than one person, any of those persons may withdraw from the petition by a similar requisition, signed and deposited as aforesaid.