Committee on Unopposed Bills

121  Committees on unopposed bills (HC 111(2))

(1) There shall be committed to an unopposed bill committee—

       (a) every private bill—

              (i) against which no petition has been presented, or if presented has been withdrawn, or

              (ii) which has become unopposed by reason of any of the provisions of Standing Order
                   113 (Treatment of opposed bill as unopposed in certain cases), except any bill as respects which
                   the Chairman of Committees has in pursuance of Standing Order 92 (Unopposed bill to
                   be treated as opposed) reported to the House that in his opinion it should be proceeded with as
                   an opposed bill; and

      (b) on re-commitment unless the Chairman of Committees otherwise directs, every opposed
           private bill in respect of which a report has been made from a select committee that the bill
           should be allowed to proceed, provided that no decision taken by such a select committee may 
           be varied by an unopposed bill committee.

(2) Each unopposed bill committee shall consist of the Chairman of Committees and, should he see fit, such lords as he may select from the panel of Deputy Chairmen appointed each session, and no lord who is not a member of the committee shall take any part in the proceedings thereof.

(3) The committee shall have the assistance of the Counsel to the Chairman of Committees.

(4) An unopposed bill committee shall in respect of the bill committed to them make a special report on any matter to which they consider that the attention of the House should be drawn.

122  Right of promoters to be heard, etc. (HC 134)

The promoters of an unopposed private bill—

      (a) shall be entitled to be heard before the committee in favour of the bill by themselves or their agents, and

      (b) in cases where the committee consists of the Chairman of Committees and any lord 
           selected from the panel of Deputy Chairmen pursuant to paragraph (2) of Standing Order 121 \
          (Committees on unopposed bills), shall be entitled to be heard by themselves, their agents or counsel.