Amendments made on 16 December 2009 to the Standing Orders Relating to Private Business (HL 83)

Standing Order 151 (Personal bills defined)

(1) Line 7, leave out paragraph (2) and insert—
          “(2) The proceedings in this House in respect to personal bills shall be subject to the provisions of 
          Standing Orders 152-174, and to such general or special directions (if any) as may be given from time to
          time by the Chairman of Committees.”

Standing Order 154 (Appointment and duties of Personal Bills Committee)

(2) Leave out Standing Order 154

Standing Order 155 (Petitions for personal bills affecting private interests in Scotland to be referred to two judges of the Court of Session)

(3) Leave out Standing Order 155

Standing Order 156 (No personal bill to be read a first time until Personal Bills Committee has reported)

(4) Leave out Standing Order 156

Standing Order 157 (Personal bills to be delivered to all persons concerned)

(5) Line 1, leave out paragraph (1) and insert—
           “(1) Subject to any directions given by the Chairman of Committees a copy of every personal bill
           introduced into this House shall be delivered before the second reading to every person concerned
           in the bill.”

Standing Order 159 (Interval between second reading and committee)

(6) Leave out Standing Order 159 and insert—
          “No committee shall sit upon any personal bill until ten days after the second reading.”

Standing Order 166 (In other cases all persons interested to consent)

(7) Line 7, leave out paragraph (2) and insert—
          “(2) The consent of any such parties shall not be required if the committee on the bill consider
          that their consent may be dispensed with on account of remoteness of interest, or for any other reason.”

Standing Order 167 (Appointment of guardian or protector of minor
interested in personal bill)

(8) Line 11, leave out paragraph (2)

Standing Order 171 (Consent to personal bills relative to estates in

(9) Leave out Standing Order 171

Standing Order 172 (Such consent to be personal, or disability to attend proved)

(10) Leave out Standing Order 172.