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List of Members

A list of Members of the House of Lords ordered to be published on 10 May 2022.

List of Members as at 10 May 2022 (pdf)



Aberdare, Alastair John Lyndhurst, Lord
Adams of Craigielea, Katherine Patricia Irene, Baroness
Addington, Dominic Bryce, Lord
Adebowale, Victor Olufemi, Lord
Adonis, Andrew, Lord
Afshar, Haleh, Baroness
Agnew of Oulton, Theodore Thomas More, Lord
Ahmad of Wimbledon, Tariq Mahmood, Lord
Alderdice, John Thomas, Lord
Allan of Hallam, Richard Beecroft, Lord
Allen of Kensington, Charles Lamb, Lord
Alli, Waheed, Lord
Alliance, David, Lord
Altmann, Rosalind Miriam, Baroness
Alton of Liverpool, David Patrick Paul, Lord
Altrincham, Edward Sebastian, Lord
Amos, Valerie Ann, Baroness
Anderson of Ipswich, David William Kinloch, Lord
Anderson of Swansea, Donald, Lord
Andrews, Elizabeth Kay, Baroness
Anelay of St Johns, Joyce Anne, Baroness
Arbuthnot of Edrom, James Norwich, Lord
Archer of Weston-Super-Mare, Jeffrey Howard, Lord
Armstrong of Hill Top, Hilary Jane, Baroness
Arran, Arthur Desmond Colquhoun, Earl of (sits as Lord Sudley)
Ashton of Hyde, Thomas Henry, Lord
Ashton of Upholland, Catherine Margaret, Baroness
Astor, William Waldorf, Viscount
Astor of Hever, John Jacob, Lord
Attlee, John Richard, Earl
Austin of Dudley, Ian Christopher, Lord


Bach, William Stephen Goulden, Lord
Baker of Dorking, Kenneth Wilfred, Lord
Bakewell, Joan Dawson, Baroness
Bakewell of Hardington Mandeville, Catherine Mary, Baroness
Balfe, Richard Andrew, Lord
Bamford, Anthony Paul, Lord
Barker, Elizabeth Jean, Baroness
Barker of Battle, Gregory Leonard George, Lord
Barran, Diana Francesca Caroline, Baroness
Barwell, Gavin, Lord
Bassam of Brighton, John Steven, Lord
Bates, Michael Walton, Lord
Beith, Alan James, Lord
Bellingham, Henry, Lord
Benjamin, Floella Karen Yunies, Baroness
Bennett of Manor Castle, Natalie Louise, Baroness
Benyon, Richard, Lord
Berkeley, Anthony Fitzhardinge, Lord (sits as Lord Gueterbock)
Berkeley of Knighton, Michael Fitzhardinge, Lord
Berridge, Elizabeth Rose, Baroness
Bertin, Gabrielle Louise, Baroness
Best, Richard Stuart, Lord
Bethell, James Nicholas, Lord
Bew, Paul Anthony Elliott, Lord
Bhatia, Amirali Alibhai, Lord
Bichard, Michael George, Lord
Bilimoria, Karan Faridoon, Lord
Billingham, Angela Theodora, Baroness
Bird, John Anthony, Lord
Birmingham, David Andrew, Bishop of
Birt, John, Lord
Black of Brentwood, Guy Vaughan, Lord
Black of Crossharbour, Conrad Moffat, Lord
Black of Strome, Susan Margaret, Baroness
Blackburn, Julian Tudor, Bishop of
Blackstone, Tessa Ann Vosper, Baroness
Blackwell, Norman Roy, Lord
Blackwood of North Oxford, Nicola Claire, Baroness
Blair of Boughton, Ian Warwick, Lord
Blake of Leeds, Judith Vivienne, Baroness
Blencathra, David John, Lord
Bloomfield of Hinton Waldrist, Olivia Caroline, Baroness
Blower, Christine, Baroness
Blunkett, David, Lord
Boateng, Paul Yaw, Lord
Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury, Jane, Baroness
Boothroyd, Betty, Baroness
Borwick, Geoffrey Robert James, Lord
Boswell of Aynho, Timothy Eric, Lord
Botham, Ian Terence, Lord
Bottomley of Nettlestone, Virginia Hilda Brunette Maxwell, Baroness
Bourne of Aberystwyth, Nicholas Henry, Lord
Bowles of Berkhamsted, Sharon Margaret, Baroness
Bowness, Peter Spencer, Lord
Boyce, Michael Cecil, Lord
Boycott, Rosel Marie, Baroness
Boyd of Duncansby, Colin David, Lord[1]
Bradley, Keith John Charles, Lord
Bradshaw, William Peter, Lord
Brady, Karren Rita, Baroness
Bragg, Melvyn, Lord
Brennan, Daniel Joseph, Lord
Bridgeman, Robin John Orlando, Viscount
Bridges of Headley, James George Robert, Lord
Brinton, Sarah Virginia, Baroness
Bristol, Vivienne Frances, Bishop of
Brooke of Alverthorpe, Clive, Lord
Brookeborough, Alan Henry, Viscount
Brougham and Vaux, Michael John, Lord
Brown of Cambridge, Julia Elizabeth, Baroness
Brown of Eaton-under-Heywood, Simon Denis, Lord
Browne of Belmont, Wallace Hamilton, Lord
Browne of Ladyton, Desmond Henry, Lord
Browne of Madingley, Edmund John Phillip, Lord
Browning, Angela Frances, Baroness
Brownlow of Shurlock Row, David Ellis, Lord
Bruce of Bennachie, Malcolm Gray, Lord
Bryan of Partick, Pauline Christina, Baroness
Bull, Deborah Clare, Baroness
Burnett, John Patrick Aubone, Lord
Burnett of Maldon, Ian Duncan, Lord[2]
Burns, Terence, Lord
Burt of Solihull, Lorely Jane, Baroness
Buscombe, Peta Jane, Baroness
Butler of Brockwell, Frederick Edward Robin, Lord
Butler-Sloss, Ann Elizabeth Oldfield, Baroness


Caine, Jonathan Michael, Lord
Caithness, Malcolm Ian, Earl of
Callanan, Martin John, Lord
Cameron of Dillington, Ewen James Hanning, Lord
Campbell of Loughborough, Susan Catherine, Baroness
Campbell of Pittenweem, Walter Menzies, Lord
Campbell of Surbiton, Jane Susan, Baroness
Campbell-Savours, Dale Norman, Lord
Camrose, Jonathan William, Viscount
Canterbury, Justin Portal, Archbishop of
Carey of Clifton, George Leonard, Lord
Carlile of Berriew, Alexander Charles, Lord
Carlisle, James William Scobie, Bishop of
Carrington, Rupert Francis John, Lord
Carrington of Fulham, Matthew Hadrian Marshall, Lord
Carter of Barnes, Stephen Andrew, Lord
Carter of Coles, Patrick Robert, Lord
Carter of Haslemere, Harold Mark, Lord
Casey of Blackstock, Louise, Baroness
Cashman, Michael Maurice, Lord
Cathcart, Charles Alan Andrew, Earl
Cavendish of Little Venice, Hilary Camilla, Baroness
Chadlington, Peter Selwyn, Lord
Chakrabarti, Sharmishta, Baroness
Chalker of Wallasey, Lynda, Baroness
Chandos, Thomas Orlando, Viscount (sits as Lord Lyttelton of Aldershot)
Chapman of Darlington, Jennifer, Baroness
Chartres, Richard John Carew, Lord
Chelmsford, Gulnar Eleanor, Bishop of
Chichester, Martin Clive, Bishop of Chisholm of Owlpen, Caroline Elizabeth, Baroness
Cholmondeley, David George Philip, Marquess of
Choudrey, Zameer Mohammed, Lord
Christopher, Anthony Martin Grosvenor, Lord
Clancarty, Nicholas Power Richard Le Poer, Earl of (sits as Viscount Clancarty) Clark of Calton, Lynda Margaret, Baroness
Clark of Kilwinning, Kathryn Sloan, Baroness
Clark of Windermere, David George, Lord
Clarke of Hampstead, Anthony James, Lord
Clarke of Nottingham, Kenneth Harry, Lord
Clement-Jones, Timothy Francis, Lord
Coaker, Vernon Rodney, Lord

Cohen of Pimlico, Janet, Baroness
Colgrain, Alastair Colin Leckie, Lord
Collins of Highbury, Raymond Edward Harry, Lord
Collins of Mapesbury, Lawrence Antony, Lord
Colville of Culross, Charles Mark Townshend, Viscount
Colwyn, Ian Anthony, Lord
Cooper of Windrush, Andrew Timothy, Lord
Cork and Orrery, John Richard, Earl of (sits as Lord Boyle)
Cormack, Patrick Thomas, Lord
Corston, Jean Ann, Baroness
Cotter, Brian Joseph Michael, Lord
Courtown, James Patrick Montagu Burgoyne Winthrop, Earl of (sits as Lord Saltersford)
Coussins, Jean Elizabeth, Baroness
Couttie, Philippa Marion, Baroness
Coventry, Christopher John, Bishop of
Cox, Caroline Anne, Baroness
Craig of Radley, David Brownrigg, Lord
Craigavon, Janric Fraser, Viscount
Crathorne, Charles James, Lord
Crawley, Christine Mary, Baroness
Crisp, Edmund Nigel Ramsay, Lord
Cromwell, Godfrey John, Lord
Cruddas, Peter Andrew, Lord
Cumberlege, Julia Frances, Baroness
Cunningham of Felling, John Anderson, Lord
Currie of Marylebone, David Anthony, Lord
Curry of Kirkharle, Donald Thomas Younger, Lord


Dannatt, Francis Richard, Lord
Darroch of Kew, Nigel Kim, Lord
Darzi of Denham, Ara Warkes, Lord
Davidson of Glen Clova, Neil Forbes, Lord
Davidson of Lundin Links, Ruth Elizabeth, Baroness
Davies of Abersoch, Evan Mervyn, Lord
Davies of Brixton, Brinley, Lord
Davies of Gower, Henry Byron, Lord
Davies of Oldham, Bryan, Lord
Davies of Stamford, John Quentin, Lord
De Mauley, Rupert Charles, Lord
Dear, Geoffrey James, Lord
Deben, John Selwyn, Lord
Deech, Ruth Lynn, Baroness
Deighton, Paul Clive, Lord
Derby, Elizabeth Jane Holden, Bishop of
Desai, Meghnad Jagdishchandra, Lord
Devon, Charles Peregrine, Earl of
Dholakia, Navnit, Lord
Dixon-Smith, Robert William, Lord
Dobbs, Michael John, Lord
Dodds of Duncairn, Nigel, Lord
Donaghy, Rita Margaret, Baroness
Donoughue, Bernard, Lord
Doocey, Elizabeth Deirdre, Baroness
Drake, Jean Lesley Patricia, Baroness
Drayson, Paul Rudd, Lord
D’Souza, Frances Gertrude Claire, Baroness
Dubs, Alfred, Lord
Duncan of Springbank, Ian James, Lord
Dundee, Alexander Henry, Earl of
Dunlop, Andrew James, Lord
Durham, Paul Roger, Bishop of
Dykes, Hugh John Maxwell, Lord


Eames, Robert Henry Alexander, Lord
Eaton, Ellen Margaret, Baroness
Eatwell, John Leonard, Lord
Eccles, John Dawson, Viscount
Eccles of Moulton, Diana Catherine, Baroness
Elder, Thomas Murray, Lord
Elis-Thomas, Dafydd Elis, Lord
Ely, Stephen David, Bishop of
Empey, Reginald Norman Morgan, Lord
Erroll, Merlin, Earl of
Etherton, Terence Michael Elkan Barnet, Lord
Evans of Bowes Park, Natalie Jessica, Baroness
Evans of Watford, David Charles, Lord
Evans of Weardale, Jonathan Douglas, Lord
Exeter, Robert Ronald, Bishop of


Fairfax of Cameron, Nicholas John Albert, Lord
Fairhead, Rona Alison, Baroness
Falconer of Thoroton, Charles Leslie, Lord
Falkland, Lucius Edward William Plantagenet, Viscount
Falkner of Margravine, Kishwer, Baroness
Fall, Catherine Susan, Baroness
Farmer, Michael Stahel, Lord
Faulkner of Worcester, Richard Oliver, Lord
Faulks, Edward Peter Lawless, Lord
Featherstone, Lynne Choona, Baroness
Feldman of Elstree, Andrew Simon, Lord
Fellowes of West Stafford, Julian Alexander, Lord
Field of Birkenhead, Frank, Lord
Filkin, David Geoffrey Nigel, Lord
Fink, Stanley, Lord
Finkelstein, Daniel William, Lord
Finlay of Llandaff, Ilora Gillian, Baroness
Finn, Simone Jari, Baroness
Flather, Shreela, Baroness
Fleet, Veronica Judith Colleton, Baroness
Flight, Howard Emerson, Lord
Fookes, Janet Evelyn, Baroness
Ford, Margaret Anne, Baroness
Forsyth of Drumlean, Michael Bruce, Lord
Foster of Bath, Donald Michael Ellison, Lord
Foster of Oxton, Jacqueline, Baroness
Foulkes of Cumnock, George, Lord
Fowler, Peter Norman, Lord
Fox, Christopher Francis, Lord
Fox of Buckley, Claire Regina, Baroness
Framlingham, Michael Nicholson, Lord
Fraser of Craigmaddie, Stephanie Mary, Baroness
Freud, David Anthony, Lord
Freyberg, Valerian Bernard, Lord
Fritchie, Irene Tordoff, Baroness
Frost, David George Hamilton, Lord
Fullbrook of Dogmersfield, Lorraine, Baroness


Gadhia, Jitesh Kishorekumar, Lord
Gale, Anita, Baroness
Garden of Frognal, Susan Elizabeth, Baroness
Gardiner of Kimble, John Eric, Lord
Gardner of Parkes, Rachel Trixie Anne, Baroness
Garnier, Edward Henry, Lord
Geddes, Euan Michael Ross, Lord
Geidt, Christopher Edward Wollaston Mackenzie, Lord
German, Michael James, Lord
Giddens, Anthony, Lord
Gilbert of Panteg, Stephen, Lord
Glasgow, Patrick Robin Archibald, Earl of
Glasman, Maurice Mark, Lord
Glenarthur, Simon Mark, Lord
Glendonbrook, Michael David, Lord
Gloucester, Rachel, Bishop of
Goddard of Stockport, David, Lord
Godson, Dean Aaron, Lord
Gold, David Laurence, Lord
Goldie, Annabel MacNicholl, Baroness
Golding, Llinos, Baroness
Goldsmith, Peter Henry, Lord
Goldsmith of Richmond Park, Zac, Lord
Goodlad, Alastair Robertson, Lord
Goschen, Giles John Harry, Viscount
Goudie, Mary Teresa, Baroness
Grabiner, Anthony Stephen, Lord
Grade of Yarmouth, Michael Ian, Lord
Grantchester, Christopher John, Lord
Green of Deddington, Andrew Fleming, Lord
Green of Hurstpierpoint, Stephen Keith, Lord
Greenfield, Susan Adele, Baroness
Greengross, Sally Ralea, Baroness
Greenhalgh, Stephen John, Lord
Greenway, Ambrose Charles Drexel, Lord
Grender, Rosalind Mary, Baroness
Grey-Thompson, Carys Davina, Baroness
Griffiths of Burry Port, Leslie John, Lord
Griffiths of Fforestfach, Brian, Lord
Grimstone of Boscobel, Gerald Edgar, Lord
Grocott, Bruce Joseph, Lord
Guildford, Andrew John, Bishop of


Hacking, Douglas David, Lord
Hague of Richmond, William Jefferson, Lord
Hailsham, Douglas Martin, Viscount (sits as Lord Hailsham of Kettlethorpe
Hain, Peter Gerald, Lord
Hale of Richmond, Brenda Marjorie, Baroness
Hall of Birkenhead, Anthony William, Lord
Hallett, Heather Carol, Baroness
Hameed, Khalid, Lord
Hamilton of Epsom, Archibald Gavin, Lord
Hammond of Runnymede, Philip, Lord
Hamwee, Sally Rachel, Baroness
Hannan of Kingsclere, Daniel, Lord
Hannay of Chiswick, David Hugh Alexander, Lord
Hanningfield, Paul Edward Winston, Lord
Hanworth, David Stephen Geoffrey, Viscount
Hardie, Andrew Rutherford, Lord
Harding of Winscombe, Diana Mary, Baroness
Harlech, Jasset David Cody, Lord
Harries of Pentregarth, Richard Douglas, Lord
Harrington of Watford, Richard Irwin, Lord
Harris of Haringey, Jonathan Toby, Lord
Harris of Peckham, Philip Charles, Lord
Harris of Richmond, Angela Felicity, Baroness
Harrison, Lyndon Henry Arthur, Lord
Haselhurst, Alan Gordon Barraclough, Lord
Haskel, Simon, Lord
Hastings of Scarisbrick, Michael John, Lord
Haughey, William, Lord
Haworth, Alan Robert, Lord
Hay of Ballyore, William Alexander, Lord
Hayman, Helene Valerie, Baroness
Hayman of Ullock, Susan Mary, Baroness
Hayter of Kentish Town, Dianne, Baroness
Hayward, Robert Antony, Lord
Healy of Primrose Hill, Anna Mary, Baroness
Helic, Arminka, Baroness
Hendy, John, Lord
Henig, Ruth Beatrice, Baroness
Henley, Oliver Michael Robert, Lord (sits as Lord Northington)
Hennessy of Nympsfield, Peter John, Lord
Herbert of South Downs, Nicholas Le Quesne, Lord
Heseltine, Michael Ray Dibdin, Lord
Hill of Oareford, Jonathan Hopkin, Lord
Hodgson of Abinger, Fiona Ferelith, Baroness
Hodgson of Astley Abbotts, Robin Granville, Lord
Hoey, Catharine Letitia, Baroness
Hoffmann, Leonard Hubert, Lord
Hogan-Howe, Bernard, Lord
Hogg, Sarah Elizabeth Mary, Baroness
Hollick, Clive Richard, Lord
Hollins, Sheila Clare, Baroness
Holmes of Richmond, Christopher, Lord
Home, David Alexander Cospatrick, Earl of (sits as Lord Douglas)
Hooper, Gloria Dorothy, Baroness
Hope of Craighead, James Arthur David, Lord
Horam, John Rhodes, Lord
Houghton of Richmond, John Nicholas Reynolds, Lord
Howard of Lympne, Michael, Lord
Howard of Rising, Greville Patrick Charles, Lord
Howarth of Breckland, Valerie Georgina, Baroness
Howarth of Newport, Alan Thomas, Lord
Howe, Frederick Richard Penn, Earl
Howell of Guildford, David Arthur Russell, Lord
Hoyle, Eric Douglas Harvey, Lord
Hughes of Stretford, Beverley June, Baroness
Humphreys, Christine Mary, Baroness
Hunt of Bethnal Green, Ruth Elizabeth, Baroness
Hunt of Kings Heath, Philip Alexander, Lord
Hunt of Wirral, David James Fletcher, Lord
Hussain, Qurban, Lord
Hussein-Ece, Meral, Baroness
Hutton of Furness, John Matthew Patrick, Lord
Hylton, Raymond Hervey, Lord


Inglewood, William Richard, Lord
Irvine of Lairg, Alexander Andrew Mackay, Lord


James of Blackheath, David Noel, Lord
Janke, Barbara Lilian, Baroness 
Janvrin, Robin Berry, Lord
Jay of Ewelme, Michael Hastings, Lord
Jay of Paddington, Margaret Ann, Baroness
Jenkin of Kennington, Anne Caroline, Baroness
Johnson of Marylebone, Joseph Edmund, Lord
Jolly, Judith Anne, Baroness
Jones, Stephen Barry, Lord
Jones of Cheltenham, Nigel David, Lord
Jones of Moulsecoomb, Jennifer Helen, Baroness
Jones of Whitchurch, Margaret Beryl, Baroness
Jopling, Thomas Michael, Lord
Jordan, William Brian, Lord
Judge, Igor, Lord


Kakkar, Ajay Kumar, Lord
Kalms, Harold Stanley, Lord
Kamall, Syed Salah, Lord
Keen of Elie, Richard Sanderson, Lord
Kennedy of Cradley, Alicia Pamela, Baroness
Kennedy of Southwark, Roy Francis, Lord
Kennedy of The Shaws, Helena Ann, Baroness
Kerr of Kinlochard, John Olav, Lord
Kerslake, Robert Walter, Lord
Kestenbaum, Jonathan Andrew, Lord
Khan of Burnley, Wajid Iltaf, Lord
Kidron, Beeban Tania, Baroness
Kilclooney, John David, Lord
King of Bow, Oona Tamsyn, Baroness
King of Bridgwater, Thomas Jeremy, Lord
King of Lothbury, Mervyn Allister, Lord
Kingsmill, Denise Patricia Byrne, Baroness
Kinnock, Neil Gordon, Lord
Kinnoull, Charles William Harley, Earl of
Kirkham, Graham, Lord
Kirkhope of Harrogate, Timothy John Robert, Lord
Knight of Weymouth, James Philip, Lord
Kramer, Susan Veronica, Baroness 
Krebs, John Richard, Lord


Laming, William Herbert, Lord
Lamont of Lerwick, Norman Stewart Hughson, Lord
Lancaster of Kimbolton, Mark, Lord
Lane-Fox of Soho, Martha, Baroness 
Lang of Monkton, Ian Bruce, Lord
Lansley, Andrew David, Lord
Lawrence of Clarendon, Doreen Delceita, Baroness
Lawson of Blaby, Nigel, Lord
Layard, Peter Richard Grenville, Lord
Lebedev, Evgeny Alexandrovich, Lord
Lee of Trafford, John Robert Louis, Lord
Leeds, Nicholas, Bishop of
Leicester, Thomas Edward, Earl of
Leigh of Hurley, Howard Darryl, Lord
Leitch, Alexander Park, Lord
Lennie, Christopher John, Lord
Levene of Portsoken, Peter Keith, Lord
Levy, Michael Abraham, Lord
Lexden, Alistair Basil, Lord
Liddell of Coatdyke, Helen Lawrie, Baroness
Liddle, Roger John, Lord
Lilley, Peter Bruce, Lord
Lindsay, James Randolph, Earl of
Lingfield, Robert George Alexander, Lord
Lipsey, David Lawrence, Lord
Lister of Burtersett, Margot Ruth Aline, Baroness
Listowel, Francis Michael, Earl of (sits as Lord Hare)
Lisvane, Robert James, Lord
Livermore, Spencer Elliot, Lord
Liverpool, Edward Peter Bertram Savile, Earl of
Livingston of Parkhead, Ian Paul, Earl of
Llewellyn of Steep, Edward David Gerard, Lord
Londesborough, Richard John, Lord
London, Sarah Elisabeth, Bishop of
Loomba, Rajinder Paul, Lord
Lothian, Michael Andrew Foster Jude, Marquess of (sits as Lord Kerr of Monteviot)
Low of Dalston, Colin MacKenzie, Lord
Lucas, Ralph Matthew, Lord
Ludford, Sarah Ann, Baroness
Lupton, James Roger Crompton, Lord
Lytton, John Peter Michael Scawen, Earl of


McAvoy, Thomas McLaughlin, Lord
McColl of Dulwich, Ian, Lord
McConnell of Glenscorrodale, Jack Wilson, Lord
McCrea of Magherafelt and Cookstown, Robert Thomas William, Lord
McDonagh, Margaret Josephine, Baroness
McDonald of Salford, Simon Gerard, Lord
Macdonald of River Glaven, Kenneth Donald John, Lord
McFall of Alcluith, John Francis, Lord 
McGregor-Smith, Ruby, Baroness
McInnes of Kilwinning, Mark, Lord
McIntosh of Hudnall, Genista Mary, Baroness
McIntosh of Pickering, Anne Caroline Ballingall, Baroness
McLoughlin, Patrick Alan, Lord
Mackay of Clashfern, James Peter Hymers, Lord
MacKenzie of Culkein, Hector Uisdean, Lord
Mackenzie of Framwellgate, Brian, Lord
McNally, Tom, Lord
McNicol of West Kilbride, Iain Mackenzie, Lord
Macpherson of Earl’s Court, Nicholas Ian, Lord 
Magan of Castletown, George Morgan, Lord
Maginnis of Drumglass, Kenneth Wiggins, Lord[3]
Mair, Robert James, Lord
Mallalieu, Ann, Baroness
Malloch-Brown, George Mark, Lord
Mance, Jonathan Hugh, Lord
Manchester, David Stuart, Bishop of
Mancroft, Benjamin Lloyd Stormont, Lord
Mandelson, Peter Benjamin, Lord
Mann, John, Lord
Manningham-Buller, Elizabeth Lydia, Baroness
Manzoor, Zahida Parveen, Baroness
Marks of Henley-on-Thames, Jonathan Clive, Lord
Marland, Jonathan Peter, Lord
Marlesford, Mark Shuldham, Lord
Masham of Ilton, Susan Lilian Primrose, Baroness
Massey of Darwen, Doreen Elizabeth, Baroness
Maude of Horsham, Francis Anthony Aylmer, Lord
Mawson, Andrew, Lord
Maxton, John Alston, Lord
Meacher, Molly Christine, Baroness
Mendelsohn, Jonathan Neil, Lord
Mendoza, Neil, Lord
Merron, Gillian Joanna, Baroness
Meyer, Catherine Irene Jacqueline, Baroness
Miller of Chilthorne Domer, Susan Elizabeth, Baroness
Mitchell, Parry Andrew, Lord
Mobarik, Nosheena Shaheen, Baroness
Mone, Michelle Georgina, Baroness
Monks, John Stephen, Lord
Montrose, James, Duke of
Moore of Etchingham, Charles Hilary, Lords
Morgan, Kenneth Owen, Lord
Morgan of Cotes, Nicky Ann, Baroness
Morgan of Drefelin, Delyth Jane, Baroness
Morgan of Ely, Mair Eluned, Baroness
Morgan of Huyton, Sally, Baroness
Morris of Aberavon, John, Lord
Morris of Bolton, Patricia, Baroness
Morris of Yardley, Estelle, Baroness
Morrissey, Helena Louise, Baroness
Morrow, Maurice George, Lord
Morse, Amyas Charles Edward, Lord
Mountevans, Jeffrey Richard de Corban, Lord
Moylan, Daniel Michael Geraldy, Lord
Moynihan, Colin Berkeley, Lord
Murphy, Elaine, Baroness
Murphy of Torfaen, Paul Peter, Lord


Naseby, Michael Wolfgang Laurence, Lord
Nash, John Alfred Stoddard, Lord
Neuberger, Julia Babette Sarah, Baroness
Neuberger of Abbotsbury, David Edmond, Lord
Neville-Jones, Lilian Pauline, Baroness
Neville-Rolfe, Lucy Jeanne, Baroness
Newby, Richard Mark, Lord
Newlove, Helen Margaret, Baroness
Nicholson of Winterbourne, Emma Harriet, Baroness
Noakes, Sheila Valerie, Baroness
Norfolk, Edward William, Duke of
Northbrook, Francis Thomas, Lord
Northover, Lindsay Patricia, Baroness
Norton of Louth, Philip, Lord
Nye, Susan Jane, Baroness


Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay, Matthew Alan, Lord
Oates, Jonathan, Lord
O’Donnell, Augustine Thomas, Lord
Offord of Garvel, Malcolm Ian, Lord
O’Loan, Nuala Patricia, Baroness
O’Neill of Bengarve, Onora Sylvia, Baroness
O’Neill of Gatley, Terence James, Lord
Osamor, Martha Otito, Baroness
O’Shaughnessy, James Richard, Lord
Owen, David Anthony Llewellyn, Lord
Oxford, Steven John Lindsey, Bishop of
Oxford and Asquith, Raymond Benedict Bartholomew Michael, Earl of 


Paddick, Brian Leonard, Lord
Palmer, Adrian Bailie Nottage, Lord
Palmer of Childs Hill, Monroe Edward, Lord
Palumbo of Southwark, James Rudolph, Lord
Pannick, David Philip, Lord
Parekh, Bhikhu Chhotalal, Lord
Parker of Minsmere, Andrew David, Lord
Parkinson of Whitley Bay, Stephen Graeme, Lord
Parminter, Kathryn Jane, Baroness
Patel, Narendra Babubhai, Lord
Patel of Bradford, Kamlesh Kumar, Lord
Patten, John Haggit Charles, Lord
Patten of Barnes, Christopher Francis, Lord
Paul, Swraj, Lord
Pearson of Rannoch, Malcolm Everard MacLaren, Lord
Peel, William James Robert, Earl
Pendry, Thomas, Lord
Penn, Joanna Carolyn, Baroness
Peterborough, Donald Spargo, Bishop of
Phillips of Worth Matravers, Nicholas Addison, Lord
Pickles, Eric Jack, Lord
Pidding, Emma Samantha, Baroness
Pinnock, Kathryn Mary, Baroness
Pitkeathley, Jill Elizabeth, Baroness
Plant of Highfield, Raymond, Lord
Polak, Stuart, Lord
Ponsonby of Shulbrede, Frederick Matthew Thomas, Lord (sits as Lord Ponsonby of Roehampton)
Popat, Dolar Amarshi, Lord
Porter of Spalding, Gary Andrew, Lord
Powell of Bayswater, Charles David, Lord
Prashar, Usha Kumari, Baroness
Prescott, John Leslie, Lord
Price, Mark Ian, Lord
Primarolo, Dawn, Baroness
Prior of Brampton, David Gifford Leathes, Lord
Prosser, Margaret Theresa, Baroness
Purvis of Tweed, Jeremy, Lord


Quin, Joyce Gwendolen, Baroness


Radice, Giles Heneage, Lord
Ramsay of Cartvale, Meta, Baroness
Ramsbotham, David John, Lord
Rana, Diljit Singh, Lord
Randall of Uxbridge, Alexander John, Lord
Randerson, Jennifer Elizabeth, Baroness
Ranger, Raminder Singh, Lord
Ravensdale, Daniel Nicholas, Lord
Rawlings, Patricia Elizabeth, Baroness
Razzall, Edward Timothy, Lord
Reay, Aeneas Simon, Lord
Rebuck, Gail Ruth, Baroness
Redesdale, Rupert Bertram, Lord (sits as Lord Mitford)
Redfern, Elizabeth Marie, Baroness
Reed of Allermuir, Robert John, Lord[4]
Rees of Ludlow, Martin John, Lord
Reid of Cardowan, John, Lord
Rennard, Christopher John, Lord
Ribeiro, Bernard Francisco, Lord
Richards of Herstmonceux, David Julian, Lord
Ricketts, Peter Forbes, Lord
Risby, Richard John Grenville, Lord
Ritchie of Downpatrick, Margaret Mary, Baroness
Robathan, Andrew Robert George, Lord
Roberts of Llandudno, John Roger, Lord
Robertson of Port Ellen, George Islay MacNeill, Lord
Rock, Kate Harriet Alexandra, Baroness
Rodgers of Quarry Bank, William Thomas, Lord
Rogan, Dennis Robert David, Lord
Rooker, Jeffrey William, Lord
Rose of Monewden, Stuart Alan Ransom, Lord
Rosser, Richard Andrew, Lord
Rosslyn, Peter, Earl of
Rowe-Beddoe, David Sydney, Lord
Rowlands, Edward, Lord
Royall of Blaisdon, Janet Anne, Baroness
Russell of Liverpool, Simon Gordon Jared, Lord


Saatchi, Maurice, Lord
St Albans, Alan Gregory Clayton, Bishop of
St Edmundsbury and Ipswich, Martin Alan, Bishop of
St John of Bletso, Anthony Tudor, Lord
Sanderson of Welton, Elizabeth Jenny Rosemary, Baroness
Sandhurst, Guy Rhys John, Lord
Sandwich, John Edward Hollister, Earl of
Sarfraz, Aamer Ahmad, Lord
Sassoon, James Meyer, Lord
Sater, Amanda Jacqueline, Baroness
Saville of Newdigate, Mark Oliver, Lord
Sawyer, Lawrence, Lord
Scotland of Asthal, Patricia Janet, Baroness
Scott of Bybrook, Jane Antoinette, Baroness
Scott of Needham Market, Rosalind Carol, Baroness
Scriven, Paul James, Lord
Seccombe, Joan Anna Dalziel, Baroness
Sedwill, Mark Philip, Lord
Selkirk of Douglas, James Alexander, Lord
Sentamu, John Tucker Mugabi, Lord
Shackleton of Belgravia, Fiona Sara, Baroness
Shafik, Nemat Talaat, Baroness
Sharkey, John Kevin, Lord
Sharpe of Epsom, Andrew, Lord
Sheehan, Shaista Ahmad, Baroness
Sheikh, Mohamed Iltaf, Lord
Shephard of Northwold, Gillian Patricia, Baroness
Sherbourne of Didsbury, Stephen Ashley, Lord
Sherlock, Maeve Christina Mary, Baroness
Shields, Joanna, Baroness
Shinkwin, Kevin Joseph Maximilian, Lord
Shipley, John Warren, Lord
Shrewsbury, Charles Henry John Benedict Crofton Chetwynd, Earl of
Sikka, Prem Nath, Lord
Singh of Wimbledon, Indarjit, Lord
Skidelsky, Robert Jacob Alexander, Lord
Smith of Basildon, Angela Evans, Baroness
Smith of Finsbury, Christopher Robert, Lord
Smith of Gilmorehill, Elizabeth Margaret, Baroness
Smith of Hindhead, Philip Roland, Lord
Smith of Kelvin, Robert Haldane, Lord
Smith of Newnham, Julie Elizabeth, Baroness
Snape, Peter Charles, Lord
Soley, Clive Stafford, Lord
Somerset, John Michael Edward, Duke of
Southwark, Christopher Thomas James, Bishop of
Southwell and Nottingham, Paul Gavin, Bishop of
Spencer of Alresford, Michael, Lord
Stair, John David James, Earl of (sits as Lord Oxenfoord)
Stansgate, Stephen Michael Wedgwood, Viscount
Stedman-Scott, Deborah, Baroness
Stephen, Nicol Ross, Lord
Sterling of Plaistow, Jeffrey Maurice, Lord
Stern, Vivien Helen, Baroness
Stern of Brentford, Nicholas Herbert, Lord
Stevens of Birmingham, Simon Laurence, Lord
Stevens of Kirkwhelpington, John Arthur, Lord
Stevens of Ludgate, David Robert, Lord
Stevenson of Balmacara, Robert Wilfrid, Lord
Stevenson of Coddenham, Henry Dennistoun, Lord
Stewart of Dirleton, Keith Douglas, Lord
Stirrup, Graham Eric, Lord
Stone of Blackheath, Andrew Zelig, Lord
Stoneham of Droxford, Benjamin Russell Mackintosh, Lord 
Storey, Michael John, Lord
Stowell of Beeston, Tina Wendy, Baroness
Strasburger, Paul Cline, Lord
Strathcarron, Ian David Patrick, Lord
Strathclyde, Thomas Galloway Dunlop du Roy de Blicquy, Lord
Stroud, Philippa Claire, Baroness
Stuart of Edgbaston, Gisela, Baroness
Stunell, Robert Andrew, Lord
Sugar, Alan Michael, Lord
Sugg, Elizabeth Grace, Baroness
Suri, Ranbir Singh, Lord
Suttie, Alison Mary, Baroness
Swinfen, Roger Mynors Swinfen, Lord
Symons of Vernham Dean, Elizabeth Conway, Baroness


Taverne, Dick, Lord
Taylor of Bolton, Winifred Ann, Baroness
Taylor of Goss Moor, Matthew Owen John, Lord
Taylor of Holbeach, John Derek, Lord
Taylor of Warwick, John David Beckett, Lord
Teverson, Robin, Lord
Thomas of Cwmgiedd, Roger John Laugharne, Lord
Thomas of Gresford, Donald Martin, Lord
Thomas of Winchester, Celia Marjorie, Baroness
Thornhill, Dorothy, Baroness
Thornton, Dorothea Glenys, Baroness
Thurlow, Roualeyn Robert, Lord
Thurso, John Archibald, Viscount
Tomlinson, John Edward, Lord
Tope, Graham Norman, Lord
Touhig, James Donnelly, Lord
Trees, Alexander John, Lord
Trefgarne, David, Lord
Trenchard, Hugh, Viscount
Trevethin and Oaksey, Patrick John Tristram, Lord
Triesman, David Maxim, Lord
Trimble, William David, Lord
True, Nicholas Edward, Lord
Truscott, Peter Derek, Lord
Tugendhat, Christopher Samuel, Lord
Tunnicliffe, Denis, Lord
Turnberg, Leslie Arnold, Lord
Turnbull, Andrew, Lord
Turner of Ecchinswell, Jonathan Adair, Lord
Tyler of Enfield, Claire, Baroness
Tyrie, Andrew Guy, Lord


Uddin, Manzila Pola, Baroness
Udny-Lister, Edward Julian, Lord
Ullswater, Nicholas James Christopher, Viscount


Vadera, Shriti, Baroness
Vaizey of Didcot, Edward Henry Butler, Lord
Valentine, Josephine Clare, Baroness
Vaux of Harrowden, Richard Hubert Gordon, Lord
Vere of Norbiton, Charlotte Sarah Emily, Baroness
Verjee, Rumi, Lord
Verma, Sandip, Baroness
Vinson, Nigel, Lord


Wakeham, John, Lord
Waldegrave of North Hill, William Arthur, Lord
Walker of Aldringham, Michael John Dawson, Lord
Wallace of Saltaire, William John Lawrence, Lord
Wallace of Tankerness, James Robert, Lord
Walmsley, Joan Margaret, Baroness
Walney, John Zak, Lord
Warner, Norman Reginald, Lord
Warsi, Sayeeda Hussain, Baroness
Warwick of Undercliffe, Diana Mary, Baroness
Wasserman, Gordon Joshua, Lord
Watkins of Tavistock, Mary Jane, Baroness
Watson of Invergowrie, Michael Goodall, Lord
Watson of Richmond, Alan John, Lord
Watts, David Leonard, Lord
Waverley, John Desmond Forbes, Viscount
Wei, Nathanael Ming-Yan, Lord
Wellington, Arthur Charles Valerian, Duke of
West of Spithead, Alan William John, Lord
Wharton of Yarm, James Stephen, Lord
Wheatcroft, Patience Jane, Baroness
Wheeler, Margaret Eileen Joyce, Baroness
Whitaker, Janet Alison, Baroness
Whitby, Michael John, Lord
Whitty, John Lawrence, Lord
Wigley, Dafydd Wynne, Lord
Wilcox of Newport, Deborah Ann, Baroness
Willetts, David Lindsay, Lord
Williams of Trafford, Susan Frances Maria, Baroness
Willis of Knaresborough, George Philip, Lord
Willoughby de Broke, Leopold David, Lord
Wills, Michael David, Lord
Wilson of Dinton, Richard Thomas James, Lord
Winston, Robert Maurice Lipson, Lord
Wolf of Dulwich, Alison Margaret, Baroness
Wolfson of Aspley Guise, Simon Adam, Lord
Wolfson of Tredegar, David, Lord
Wood of Anfield, Stewart Martin, Lord
Woodley, Anthony, Lord
Woolf, Harry Kenneth, Lord
Woolley of Woodford, Simon Andrew, Lord
Worcester, John Geoffrey, Bishop of
Worthington, Bryony Katherine, Baroness 
Wrigglesworth, Ian William, Lord
Wyld, Laura Lee, Baroness


York, Stephen Geoffrey, Archbishop of
Young of Cookham, George Samuel Knatchbull, Lord
Young of Hornsey, Margaret Omolola, Baroness
Young of Norwood Green, Anthony Ian, Lord
Young of Old Scone, Barbara Scott, Baroness
Younger of Leckie, James Edward George, Viscount


[1] Disqualified as a holder of a disqualifying judicial office, under section 137 of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005.

[2] Disqualified as a holder of a disqualifying judicial office, under section 137 of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005.

[3] Suspended following a report from the House of Lords Conduct Committee.

[4] Disqualified as a holder of a disqualifying judicial office, under section 137 of the Constitutional Reform Act 2005.