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Hansard training programme

As well as offering a postgraduate diploma in parliamentary reporting for staff of the UK Parliament, the Official Report (Hansard) offers tailored training and development courses to parliamentary reporters, editors and other staff from legislative bodies around the world.

Typically, a course will include a comprehensive introduction to all elements of how Hansard works, such as:

  • Reporting and editing in different contexts
  • Operation of a reporting rota and workflow systems
  • IT and audio technology
  • Staff management and communications
  • Production of supporting documentation such as style and procedure guides
  • Tools for continuous professional development
  • Coaching in advanced word processing
  • Acquiring good research skills

As part of the course, attendees are able to tour the Palace of Westminster and attend proceedings in the House of Commons.

Attendees will finish their course with a specially tailored plan of action to take back to their home Parliament.

Recent participants

Over the past 12 months, participants have included staff from the Parliaments of Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, Nigeria, Ghana and Kenya.

Further information

To inquire about or express an interest in the Hansard training programme, please contact the Hansard Training Manager, Jonathan Hoare.