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Public Bill Committee debates archive 1997-2016

Browse the archive of House of Commons Public Bill Committees, including membership details and the latest version of the Bill for sessions 1997-98 to 2015-16. From the beginning of the 2006-07 session, Standing Committees were renamed Public Bill Committees. This is now an archive and the latest Public Bill Committee debates can be found in Hansard.

Public and General Committee debates

The main role of General and Public Bill Committees is to consider proposed legislation in detail. Find out more on the role of General and Public Bill Committees in the About Parliament section.

Keep up to date with the progress of current and draft Bills before Parliament; read the full texts of Acts of Parliament, and find out the details of delegated legislation that change laws under existing Acts.

Statutory Instruments (SIs) are a form of legislation which allow the provisions of an Act of Parliament to be subsequently brought into force or altered without Parliament having to pass a new Act.

View live and archived coverage of all UK Parliament proceedings taking place in public, including debates and committee meetings of both Houses.