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Standing Orders of the House of Commons - Public Business

Review the rules that regulate the way MPs conduct House of Commons public business, including electing the Speaker and powers of committees. This page contains both the most recent Standing Orders and Amendments for the 2019 Parliament, which appear at the top of the page, and also previous versions below.

Current Standing Orders

Addendum to Standing Orders (Public Business) 30 June 2021

Standing Orders (Public Business) 5 November 2019


Previous Versions of Standing Orders

Addenda in place - 2019-21 Parliament (December 2019-April 2021)

Standing Orders and Addenda in place - 2017-19 Parliament (June 2017-November 2019)

Standing Orders and Addenda - 2015-17 Parliament (May 2015-March 2017)

Standing Orders and Addenda - 2010 - 2015 Parliament

Standing Orders and Addenda - pre-2010