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21 March 2019 - Division 1

Railways (Interoperability) (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019

Lord Berkeley moved that this House regrets that the Railways (Interoperability) (Amendment) (EU Exit) Regulations 2019 (SI 2019/345), laid before the House on 26 February, will cost United Kingdom businesses excessively in operating a potentially diverging range of safety and other railway standards from those of the United Kingdom's largest market, and regrets the failure of Her Majesty's Government to demonstrate any significant benefits; and calls on Her Majesty’s Government to lay new regulations that would enable continued compliance with the activities of the European Agency for Rail to provide the best ongoing business opportunities for manufacturers, rail passengers and freight customers in the United Kingdom; continued and consistent safety improvements; and reduced manufacturing costs as a result of one common set of standards across Europe. The House divided:

Contents: 50 | Not Contents: 92 | Result: Government Win
Contents Total: 50
Conservative 1
Altmann, Baroness Content  
Crossbench 10
Aberdare, Lord Content  
Bilimoria, Lord Content  
Greengross, Baroness Content  
Hannay of Chiswick, Lord Content  
Hastings of Scarisbrick, Lord Content  
Masham of Ilton, Baroness Content  
Prashar, Baroness Content  
Sandwich, Earl Content  
Somerset, Duke Content  
Stern, Baroness Content  
Labour 11
Berkeley, Lord Content  
Donaghy, Baroness Content  
Donoughue, Lord Content  
Hanworth, Viscount Content  
Liddle, Lord Content  
Ponsonby of Shulbrede, Lord Content  
Snape, Lord Content  
Stone of Blackheath, Lord Content  
Whitaker, Baroness Content  
Whitty, Lord Content  
Young of Old Scone, Baroness Content  
Liberal Democrat 26
Addington, Lord Content  
Barker, Baroness Content  
Benjamin, Baroness Content  
Dholakia, Lord Content  
Foster of Bath, Lord Content  
Fox, Lord Content  
Glasgow, Earl Content  
Goddard of Stockport, Lord Content  
Grender, Baroness Content  
Hussein-Ece, Baroness Content  
Kramer, Baroness Content  
Ludford, Baroness Content  
Newby, Lord Content  
Paddick, Lord Content  
Randerson, Baroness Content  
Rennard, Lord Content  
Sheehan, Baroness Content  
Stoneham of Droxford, Lord Content  
Storey, Lord Content  
Stunell, Lord Content  
Thomas of Winchester, Baroness Content  
Thornhill, Baroness Content  
Thurso, Viscount Content  
Tope, Lord Content  
Wallace of Tankerness, Lord Content  
Wrigglesworth, Lord Content  
Other 2
Inglewood, Lord Content  
Patel of Bradford, Lord Content  
Not Contents Total: 92
Conservative 83
Agnew of Oulton, Lord Not Content  
Ahmad of Wimbledon, Lord Not Content  
Ashton of Hyde, Lord Not Content  
Attlee, Earl Not Content  
Balfe, Lord Not Content  
Barran, Baroness Not Content  
Bates, Lord Not Content  
Berridge, Baroness Not Content  
Bethell, Lord Not Content  
Brabazon of Tara, Lord Not Content  
Bridges of Headley, Lord Not Content  
Brougham and Vaux, Lord Not Content  
Buscombe, Baroness Not Content  
Callanan, Lord Not Content  
Cavendish of Furness, Lord Not Content  
Chalker of Wallasey, Baroness Not Content  
Cope of Berkeley, Lord Not Content  
Courtown, Earl Not Content  
Crathorne, Lord Not Content  
Cumberlege, Baroness Not Content  
Dixon-Smith, Lord Not Content  
Fairhead, Baroness Not Content  
Faulks, Lord Not Content  
Finn, Baroness Not Content  
Fookes, Baroness Not Content  
Framlingham, Lord Not Content  
Freeman, Lord Not Content  
Gardiner of Kimble, Lord Not Content  
Gardner of Parkes, Baroness Not Content  
Garnier, Lord Not Content  
Goldie, Baroness Not Content  
Haselhurst, Lord Not Content  
Hayward, Lord Not Content  
Holmes of Richmond, Lord Not Content  
Hooper, Baroness Not Content  
Horam, Lord Not Content  
Hunt of Wirral, Lord Not Content  
Jenkin of Kennington, Baroness Not Content  
Kirkhope of Harrogate, Lord Not Content  
Lamont of Lerwick, Lord Not Content  
Lexden, Lord Not Content  
Lilley, Lord Not Content  
Liverpool, Earl Not Content  
MacGregor of Pulham Market, Lord Not Content  
Magan of Castletown, Lord Not Content  
Mancroft, Lord Not Content  
Manzoor, Baroness Not Content  
Marlesford, Lord Not Content  
McColl of Dulwich, Lord Not Content  
McIntosh of Pickering, Baroness Not Content  
Meyer, Baroness Not Content  
Morris of Bolton, Baroness Not Content  
Naseby, Lord Not Content  
Neville-Jones, Baroness Not Content  
Neville-Rolfe, Baroness Not Content  
Northbrook, Lord Not Content  
O'Shaughnessy, Lord Not Content  
Randall of Uxbridge, Lord Not Content  
Rawlings, Baroness Not Content  
Redfern, Baroness Not Content  
Ribeiro, Lord Not Content  
Ridley, Viscount Not Content  
Risby, Lord Not Content  
Sater, Baroness Not Content  
Seccombe, Baroness Not Content  
Shackleton of Belgravia, Baroness Not Content  
Sherbourne of Didsbury, Lord Not Content  
Shinkwin, Lord Not Content  
Smith of Hindhead, Lord Not Content  
Stedman-Scott, Baroness Not Content  
Sugg, Baroness Not Content  
Trefgarne, Lord Not Content  
Trenchard, Viscount Not Content  
Trimble, Lord Not Content  
True, Lord Not Content  
Tugendhat, Lord Not Content  
Vere of Norbiton, Baroness Not Content  
Wei, Lord Not Content  
Wilcox, Baroness Not Content  
Williams of Trafford, Baroness Not Content  
Wyld, Baroness Not Content  
Young of Cookham, Lord Not Content  
Younger of Leckie, Viscount Not Content  
Crossbench 7
Chartres, Lord Not Content  
Craigavon, Viscount Not Content  
Eames, Lord Not Content  
Hameed, Lord Not Content  
Hope of Craighead, Lord Not Content  
Mawson, Lord Not Content  
Watkins of Tavistock, Baroness Not Content  
Labour 1
Osamor, Baroness Not Content  
Other 1
McCrea of Magherafelt and Cookstown, Lord Not Content