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2010-12 (244)

Tuesday 25 May 2010

Minutes of Proceedings

Queen’s Speech The Queen being seated on the Throne, and the Commons being at the Bar with their Speaker, Her Majesty was pleased to make a Most Gracious Speech to both Houses of Parliament, and then retired.
The House adjourned. The House resumed at 3.30pm.
Prayers were read by the Lord Bishop of Salisbury.
Oaths and affirmations The following Lords took and subscribed the oath, or made and subscribed the solemn affirmation, and signed an undertaking to abide by the Code of Conduct:
Martin John Lord O’Neill of Clackmannan
John Lord Evans of Parkside
Roger Mynors Swinfen Lord Swinfen
Margaret Ann Baroness Jay of Paddington
Peter Lord Temple-Morris
Julian Charles Roland Lord Hunt of Chesterton
Peter Selwyn Lord Chadlington
Waheed Lord Alli
Elaine Baroness Murphy
John Lord Monson
Peter Keith Lord Levene of Portsoken
Usha Kumari Baroness Prashar
John Buttifant Lord Sewel
Parry Andrew Lord Mitchell
Raymond Lord Plant of Highfield
Frederick Edward Robin Lord Butler of Brockwell
Sally Ralea Baroness Greengross
Leon Lord Brittan of Spennithorne
Deaths of Lords The Lord Speaker informed the House that the following members of the House had died:
Viscount Colville of Culross on 8 April 2010
Lord Bernstein of Craigweil on 12 April 2010
Lord Wolfson on 20 May 2010.
Lord Laidlaw The Clerk of the Parliaments informed the House that he had received written notice from Lord Laidlaw in accordance with section 42(1) of the Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010, and that Lord Laidlaw had therefore ceased to be a member of the House on 15 April 2010.
Leave of Absence Leave of absence was granted to the following members of the House for the remainder of this Parliament:
Lord Chalfont
The Marquess of Cholmondeley
Lord Goff of Chieveley
Lord Habgood
Lord Kilpatrick of Kincraig
Lord Mackie of Benshie
Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover
The Marquess of Salisbury
Select Vestries Bill The Bill was presented by Lord Strathclyde and read a first time pro forma .
Queen’s Speech The Lord Speaker reported the Queen’s Speech. Earl Ferrers moved that a Humble Address be presented to Her Majesty as follows:
“Most Gracious Sovereign,
We, Your Majesty’s most dutiful and loyal subjects, the Lords Spiritual and Temporal in Parliament assembled, beg leave to thank Your Majesty for the most gracious Speech which Your Majesty has addressed to both Houses of Parliament.”
The motion was seconded by Baroness Falkner of Margravine and, after debate, the debate was adjourned till tomorrow.
Chairman of Committees Lord Brabazon of Tara was appointed to take the Chair in all Committees for this Session nemine dissentiente .
Principal Deputy Chairman of Committees Lord Roper was appointed Principal Deputy Chairman of Committees for this Session nemine dissentiente .
10  Stoppages in the Streets It was ordered that the Commissioner of Police of the Metropolis do take care that the passages through the streets leading to this House be kept free and open and that no obstruction be permitted to hinder the passage of Lords to and from this House during the sitting of Parliament; or to hinder Lords in the pursuit of their Parliamentary duties on the Parliamentary Estate; and that the Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod attending this House do communicate this Order to the Commissioner.
11  Members of the House It was ordered that a list of members of the House, prepared by the Clerk of the Parliaments, be printed. (HL Paper 1)
12  Hereditary peers: by-elections The Clerk of the Parliaments laid before the House, in accordance with Standing Order 10(5), a register of hereditary peers (other than peers of Ireland) who wish to stand in any by-election for membership of the House held in accordance with section 2(4) of the House of Lords Act 1999; it was ordered that the register be printed. (HL Paper 2)
13  Registration of Interests It was ordered that the Register of Lords’ Interests, prepared by the Clerk of the Parliaments pursuant to the Code of Conduct adopted by the House on 30 November 2009, be printed. (HL Paper 3)
The House adjourned at 4.44pm until Wednesday 26 May at 3.00pm .