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House of Lords Journal - Guide to the Index

Items of business are normally indexed alphabetically under the title given in the relevant Journal entry. For ease of reference, certain items are also brought together under generic headings (see "List entries" below).

Entries relating to members of the House are listed in the separate "Membership of the House" index.

Oral questions and ministerial statements are not indexed.

Papers laid are indexed as follows:

  • Affirmative instruments, Public Bodies Orders and Legislative Reform Orders are indexed alphabetically by title.
  • Negative instruments and papers not subject to parliamentary proceedings are indexed under the enabling Act, Regulations, Order or Measure.
  • Command Papers are indexed by subject matter.
  • National Policy Statements are listed under the general heading "National Policy Statements".


  • 1a; 2a; 3a First, second, third readings
  • CWH Committee of the Whole House
  • DPRRC Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee
  • EAC Economic Affairs Committee
  • EUC European Union Committee
  • GC Grand Committee
  • HC House of Commons
  • HL House of Lords
  • HM Her Majesty
  • HRH His Royal Highness
  • JC - Joint Committee
  • JCCB Joint Committee on Consolidation etc. Bills
  • JCHR Joint Committee on Human Rights
  • JCSI Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments
  • LCCA Lords Consideration of Commons Amendments
  • Merits Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee
  • RA Royal Assent
  • S&T Science and Technology Committee
  • SC Select Committee
  • SLSC - Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee
  • SO Standing Order
  • SOC Standing Orders (Private Bills) Committee
  • SPBC Special Public Bill Committee
  • SRC Second Reading Committee
  • UBC Unopposed Bill Committee

List entries

  • Business of the House
  • Committees
  • Divisions
  • Grand Committee
  • Measures
  • Motions (including amendments to motions)
  • Petitions
  • Private Bills
  • Private notice questions
  • Public Bills
  • Public Bodies Orders
  • Questions for short debate
  • Special Procedure Order