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Parliament's international work

The UK Parliament works closely with other national and international parliaments and is an active member of various international parliamentary assemblies. Some of Parliament’s select committees focus on international matters too.

Foreign parliamentarians regularly visit our Parliament to study policy issues, share ways of working and exchange views. Members of the UK Parliament also make similar visits abroad.

The purpose of this work is to:

  • exchange views
  • improve understanding on issues of mutual concern
  • develop good working relationships
  • scrutinise and inform UK policies

Doing these things advances UK interests.

The Speakers

Mr Speaker and the Lord Speaker represent the two Houses to the Parliaments of other countries. 

Mr Speaker

The Lord Speaker

Interparliamentary Relations Office

The House of Commons Interparliamentary Relations Office supports incoming visits to the UK Parliament by overseas parliamentarians and parliamentary officials and provides advice and assistance to fellow parliaments on the practices and procedures of the UK Parliament. 

It also supports the work of the delegations to the Parliamentary Assemblies of the Council of Europe (PACE), North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO PA) and the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE PA).


Lords Overseas Office

The Overseas Office is responsible for relations between the House of Lords and overseas parliaments. This includes advising and supporting the Lord Speaker; supporting Lords participation in international conferences; and supporting inward visits of Parliamentarians and officials.


International assemblies

Parliament participates in the work of the following international assemblies:


UK Parliament and the European Union 

Commons Foreign Affairs Committee


Commons International Development Committee

Lords International Relations and Defence Committee

Index of Select Committees