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Buses news from UK Parliament.

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Government must set out bus strategy to halt decline in bus use
Transport Committee publish report on the health of the bus market
22 May 2019
Lords debates Transport Act 1985 regulations
Members consider judicial review of community transport
21 May 2019
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Lords EU exit regulations: 20 May
Coach and bus services for Northern Ireland on agenda
21 May 2019
Publication: Committee's Report on Health of the bus market
Transport Committee publishes its report on the health of the bus market
20 May 2019
Lords EU exit regulations: 21 March
Members discuss railway licensing, health services and chemical safety
22 March 2019
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MP's visit Manchester to discuss benefits of Active Travel
Transport Committee speak to walking and cycling stakeholder groups, Olympian Chris Boardman and Great Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham about Active Travel
28 February 2019
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Local councils and other stakeholders questioned over road maintenance
Committee questions local councils, Transport for London and Transport for the West Midlands on local roads funding and governance
27 February 2019
Committee question experts on health of the bus market
Transport Committee investigate how spending cuts have affected local authority budgets
30 January 2019
Unions and bus companies discuss bus services
Transport Committee considers priorities for bus workers and planning of services
26 November 2018
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Community Transport: commercial and community operators questioned
Transport Committee hears on commercial operators' grievances regarding community transport permits
13 November 2017
Urban congestion examined with transport industry
Transport Committee questions witnesses including Uber, and National Express
30 January 2017
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Bus Services Bill: boost to communities welcomed by MPs
Transport Committee supports the Bus Services Bill in its report
25 November 2016
Bus Services Bill scrutinised
Transport Committee examines the Bus Services Bill with transport providers and interest groups
12 September 2016
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