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Buses news from UK Parliament.

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Evidence session - Fuelling the future: motive power and connectivity
The Transport Committee considers how private companies can harness the potential of alternative fuels.
24 February 2022
Public transport in towns and cities inquiry, launched by Lords Committee
The Built Environment Committee has launched its inquiry into public transport in towns and cities in England and is inviting written contributions.
28 January 2022
Five short debates in the Lords
Afghanistan, financial fraud, NHS negligence costs and more under discussion. Catch up
03 December 2021
Zero emission vehicles: Government Response to the Committee’s First Report
The Government’s response to the Committee’s report: Zero emission vehicles was published on Monday October 25, 2021.
25 October 2021
Impact of coronavirus on the coach sector: evidence session
The Transport Committee takes evidence on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the coach sector
18 March 2021
Reforming public transport after the pandemic examined
The Transport Select Committee questions bus operators, think-tanks, academics and campaign groups
04 February 2021
Transport experts and officials to be questioned on reforming public transport after the pandemic
MPs to examine lessons from other governments and transport authorities on their responses to the covid-19 pandemic
14 January 2021
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Lords Oral Questions to government on 2 June
Universal Credit and TV Licence on the agenda
01 June 2020
Committee Chair responds to Bus Users UK report
Publication follows Committee's own report highlighting the decline in bus use
12 June 2019
Government must set out bus strategy to halt decline in bus use
Transport Committee publish report on the health of the bus market
22 May 2019
Lords debates Transport Act 1985 regulations
Members consider judicial review of community transport
21 May 2019
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Lords EU exit regulations: 20 May
Coach and bus services for Northern Ireland on agenda
21 May 2019
Publication: Committee's Report on Health of the bus market
Transport Committee publishes its report on the health of the bus market
20 May 2019
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