Lords Oral Questions to government on 2 June

Universal Credit and TV Licence on the agenda

Transport Secretary: "maintain social distancing" on public transport

Grant Shapps gave a statement to the House on guidance for transport users and operators

Committee Chair responds to Bus Users UK report

Publication follows Committee's own report highlighting the decline in bus use

Government must set out bus strategy to halt decline in bus use

Transport Committee publish report on the health of the bus market

Lords EU exit regulations: 20 May

image of Lords chamber with House sitting

Coach and bus services for Northern Ireland on agenda

More buses

Title Date
Lords debates Transport Act 1985 regulations 21.05.2019
Publication: Committee’s Report on Health of the bus market 20.05.2019
Lords EU exit regulations: 21 March 22.03.2019
MP’s visit Manchester to discuss benefits of Active Travel 28.02.2019
Local councils and other stakeholders questioned over road maintenance 27.02.2019
Committee question experts on health of the bus market 30.01.2019