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Sickness, disability and carers' benefits

Sickness, disability and carers' benefits news from UK Parliament.

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Universal Credit and managed migration: Work and Pensions Committee to question charities and policy specialists
MPs will take evidence on the process of moving people claiming benefits onto Universal Credit
16 May 2022
Four short debates in the Lords
Members discuss Northern Ireland relations, levelling-up in the South West, tax gap estimates and the Iran nuclear deal in four short debates. Catch up
08 April 2022
Lords debates Spring Statement
Members discuss UK economy following Chancellor of Exchequer's statement on 23 March.
01 April 2022
The future of the NHS to be debated by MPs
On Monday 31 January, MPs will debate a petition relating to the future of the NHS
27 January 2022
Disabled people’s experiences of the benefits system: Work and Pensions Secretary given ‘final chance’ to publish report
Committee Chair writes to the Work and Pensions Secretary
16 December 2021
Large text with the words Disability History Month
Disability History Month at the House of Lords
This Disability History Month learn about the work of House of Lords members campaigning for the equal rights of the disabled community
18 November 2021
MPs want to hear your experiences of applying for PIP and ESA
Work and Pensions Committee launches survey to hear views of people who have been applied for PIP and ESA on how assessments can be improved
04 November 2021
Lords debates social care
Members debate the challenges following the pandemic, the effects of the Health and Social Care Levy and and the government's social care plans. Catch up
15 October 2021
Health assessments for benefits inquiry call for evidence in multiple formats
The call for evidence for the Work and Pensions Committee's Health assessments for benefits inquiry in multiple formats
27 September 2021
Health assessments for benefits: Work and Pensions Committee launches inquiry
Work and Pensions Committee launches inquiry into health assessments for benefits
27 September 2021
Government urged to publish research into disabled people’s experiences of benefits system
The Work and Pensions Committee publishes an exchange of correspondence with the Secretary of State
23 September 2021
House of Lords chamber
Lords debates private members’ bills
Members discuss elderly social care, organ tourism and environment education. Catch up
19 July 2021
Lords debates UK social care
Members discuss UK social care provision and the role of carers. Find out more
25 June 2021
Total results 66 (page 1 of 5)