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Social security and pensions

Social security and pensions news from UK Parliament.

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Decisions of the Petitions Committee, 16 March 2021
The Committee considered all e-petitions which had, before 11 March 2021, reached over 10,000 signatures and received a Government response. The Committee also considered petitions which had reached over 100,000 signatures, and agreed debates for a number of petitions with over 100,000 signatures that were awaiting debate.
16 March 2021
Lords debates the Budget statement
Members debate the economy
15 March 2021
Minister questioned on failure to reform Universal Credit
House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee and the House of Commons Work and Pensions Committee holds a joint evidence session
08 March 2021
Universal Credit and survival sex: Work and Pensions Committee publishes Government response to previous committee report
The Work and Pensions Committee has published the Government response to the previous committee’s report on Universal Credit and survival sex
02 March 2021
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Access to pension savings inquiry launched
The Work and Pensions Committee investigates access to pension savings in the second part of its broad inquiry into the impact of the pension freedoms and the protection of savers
23 February 2021
Disability charities and policy experts questioned by MPs
As part of its disability employment gap inquiry, the Work and Pensions Committee will hear from disability charities, academics and policy experts.
19 February 2021
Universal Credit £20 weekly increase must be extended to prevent hundreds of thousands falling into poverty
The Work and Pensions Committee publishes the temporary increase in Universal Credit and Working Tax Credit report
09 February 2021
Welfare in Scotland: Committee to question Social service providers on accessing social security and experience of poverty
Questions will focus on poverty reduction measures, the £20 uplift in Universal Credit and joint UK-Scotland working on social security
08 February 2021
Work and Pensions Committee to question Pensions Minister
The Committee will question Guy Opperman MP, Minister for Pensions and Financial Inclusion, as part of its inquiry into pension scams.
22 January 2021
Pension Schemes Bill completes passage through Parliament
Bill awaits Royal Assent
20 January 2021
MPs to consider experiences of Universal Credit and welfare reform in Scotland
How have people in Scotland been affected by the roll-out of Universal Credit and welfare reforms?
15 January 2021
Children in poverty: Work and Pensions Committee launches inquiry
What steps could the Government take to reduce the numbers of children who grow up in poverty in the UK?
15 January 2021
Government response wasted opportunity to fix flaws in UC system
The Work and Pensions Committee publishes the Government response to its report Universal Credit: The wait for a first payment
12 January 2021
Public Services Committee holds its first online seminar to discuss the Committee’s first report
Public Service Committee holds online roundtable event on 16 December at 2.45pm
11 December 2020
Social security in Scotland scrutinised
The Scottish Affairs Committee will hear from social security experts about the problems that people in Scotland face as they encounter the benefits system.
11 December 2020
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