Title Date
More representation needed in Scottish creative industries 18.01.2016
Economic experts discuss Scotland’s fiscal framework 13.01.2016
Constitution Reform Group gives evidence on the Union and devolution 11.01.2016
The Union and devolution inquiry takes evidence in Edinburgh 09.12.2015
Immigration Minister questioned on post-study work schemes for Scotland 09.12.2015
Post-study work schemes evidence in Aberdeen 27.11.2015
Campaign groups give evidence on the Union and devolution inquiry 24.11.2015
Scotland Bill proposals risk compromising parliamentary sovereignty 23.11.2015
Report sets out new programme of engagement 16.11.2015
Committee examines the international perspective of the Union and devolution 10.11.2015
Scotland Bill: Commons remaining stages 09.11.2015
Scottish Government and public sector agencies questioned on creative industries 02.11.2015
Former IMF Director gives evidence on the economics of devolution 27.10.2015
Westminster Hall debates: 20 October 2015 19.10.2015
Broadcasters and representatives of the computer games industry questioned 19.10.2015
Leading constitutional academics give evidence on devolution and the Union 14.10.2015
Leader of the House questioned on English Votes for English Laws 13.10.2015
Institute for Fiscal Studies questioned on impact of further devolution 15.09.2015
Scottish Affairs Committee takes evidence in Edinburgh 11.09.2015
Scotland Bill: Commons Committee stage 06.07.2015