Lords EU exit regulations: 20 March

Peers consider agricultural policy, state aid and veterinary medicines

Lords debates medicinal safety

Members consider risks of health treatments and devices

Lords EU exit regulations: 7 February

Members discuss wireless telegraphy and credit rating agencies

Lord debates NHS long-term plan

Members discuss case for integrated health and care system

Concerns over training, IT and funding for Genomics in the NHS

Science and Technology Committee publishes report on Genomics and Genome Editing in the NHS

More genetics

Title Date
Minister questioned on genomics and genome editing 28.11.2017
Algorithms in decision-making examined with academics 14.11.2017
Genomics and genome editing in the NHS examined 26.10.2017
Government's Industrial Strategy could do more to reflect Brexit opportunities 12.04.2017
Genomics and genome-editing examined 08.03.2017
Genomics and genome-editing advances examined 08.02.2017