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Science news from UK Parliament.

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Inquiry launch: Transport Committee to investigate development and deployment of self-driving vehicles
Self-driving technology, once the stuff of driving dreams, is getting closer.
27 June 2022
Disability, social mobility and issues faced by LGBTQ+ people in STEM examined by MPs
The Science and Technology Committee questions Michaela Community School Headmistress and Chair of the Social Mobility Commission Katharine Birbalsingh
21 April 2022
Nuclear Energy (Financing) Bill completes passage through Parliament
Bill receives third reading in the Lords ahead of Royal Assent. Catch up
31 March 2022
scientist working in a laboratory
Advanced Research and Invention Agency Bill returns to the Lords
Bill granted Royal Assent. Catch up
10 February 2022
Delivering a UK science and technology strategy – inquiry launched
Science and Technology Committee launch inquiry into delivering a UK science and technology strategy
10 February 2022
Science and Technology Committee holds two evidence sessions on space and innovation
The evidence sessions will take place in London and Glasgow.
03 February 2022
Science and Technology Committee holds evidence session on research
The session will focus on the role that researchers, research institutions and publishers can play in ensuring reproducibility.
10 December 2021
Science and Technology committee holds evidence session on satellites
The Science and Technology Committee questions satellite industry figures.
02 December 2021
Lords debates Coronavirus Act 2020
Members debate the Act's provisions and regulations on self-isolation. Catch up
25 October 2021
Publication of correspondence: Concern over whether the Government will uphold its commitment to increase research and innovation spending by 2024/25
Rt Hon Kwasi Kwarteng MP responds to letter from Greg Clark MP
21 September 2021
Health Secretary answers questions on the Government’s handling of the pandemic
Matt Hancock MP answers questions from MPs on the Government's handling of the covid-19 pandemic
04 June 2021
Lords debates the economic value of biodiversity
'The Economics of Biodiversity: The Dasgupta Review' report in the spotlight for House of Lords debate. Find out more
29 April 2021
Private members' bills complete passage through Parliament
Bills await Royal Assent
27 April 2021
Forensic Science Regulator Bill completes passage through Parliament
This bill aims to establish role of a Forensic Science Regulator
23 April 2021
House of Lords Thursday debates
Members debate anti-slavery projects, NHS staffing, hauliers and the space industry
04 March 2021
Total results 192 (page 2 of 13)