What do we know about the SARS-CoV-2 virus and its transmission?

Lords Science and Technology Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 19 May at 10.00am

Lords examines emergency Covid-19 legislation

Coronavirus Bill becomes law

Lords discusses Covid-19 impact on Hong Kong citizens

Members debate government support under Sino-British Declaration

Why have health inequalities increased?

Lords Science and Technology Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 11 March at 3.20pm

Lords debates threats to native trees

Dangers posed by pests and diseases under spotlight

More science

Title Date
Cognitive function and mental health in old age 11.02.2020
Lords discusses net zero carbon emissions target 07.02.2020
Lords debates gene editing 31.01.2020
Lords committee explores public health advice for healthy ageing 28.01.2020
Committee to hear evidence on potential treatments to combat ageing 25.10.2019
Lords committee questions academics on the fundamental aspects of the ageing process 22.10.2019