Research and innovation

Title Date
Lords discusses net zero carbon emissions target 07.02.2020
Lords debates gene editing 31.01.2020
The Foreign Secretary updates MPs on UK telecommunications 28.01.2020
Have your say on the Telecommunications Infrastructure (Leasehold Property) Bill 28.01.2020
Lords committee questions academics on the fundamental aspects of the ageing process 22.10.2019
Government fails to reduce urban rural gap in broadband and mobile 18.09.2019
Committee calls for research excellence to be spread across the UK 12.09.2019
Chair responds to open letter calling for sanctions for non-compliance with clinical trials reporting requirements 23.08.2019
Funding for science research in universities in jeopardy, warns Lords Committee 08.08.2019
Government statement on telecoms supply chain review 22.07.2019
Courts and Tribunals (Online Procedure) Bill: Lords third reading 03.07.2019
Philip Augar questioned on implications of Post-18 review for research 25.06.2019
Universities Minister questioned on implications of Augar Review for science research funding 18.06.2019
Committee to question UKRI on research funding in universities 18.06.2019
Is research funding in universities at risk if tuition fees are cut? 11.06.2019
Committee discusses the impact of science research funding in universities 21.05.2019
Science Research Funding in Universities - Lords Committee launches new inquiry 13.05.2019
Lords debates antimicrobial resistance action plan 03.05.2019
Lords debates Online Harms White Paper 01.05.2019
Potential Huawei 5G deal questioned by Opposition 25.04.2019