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Research and innovation

Research and innovation news from UK Parliament.

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Lords concludes detailed check of Data Protection and Digital Information Bill
Members discuss changes on computer records as line by line examination wraps up. Catch up
25 April 2024
Engineering biology inquiry launched
The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee launches an inquiry into engineering biology.
02 April 2024
Media Bill debated in the Lords
Members discuss draft law to update broadcasting law following exit from the EU and rise of online services. Catch up
29 February 2024
UK will miss AI goldrush unless Government adopts a more positive vision
The Communications and Digital Committee publishes its report Large language models and generative AI
02 February 2024
UK should break licensing “impasse” and maximise the potential of bacteria-eating, life-saving viruses
The Science, Innovation & Technology Committee calls for steps to develop the potential of bacteria-killing viruses that can provide an alternative to antibiotics
03 January 2024
Data Protection and Digital Information Bill has second reading in the Lords
Lords consider AI in the workplace and EU data protection at second reading. Catch up
20 December 2023
Committee launches an investigation into Live Facial Recognition
The Justice and Home Affairs Committee is launching a short investigation into the use of Live Facial Recognition (LFR) by police.
11 December 2023
Government warned to proceed with caution on AI in autonomous weapons
The Artificial Intelligence in Weapon Systems Committee publishes its report Proceed with Caution: Artificial Intelligence in Weapon Systems.
01 December 2023
Net zero target in jeopardy through lack of long-term planning from Government
Public Accounts Committee publishes report on the Government's pledge to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050
15 November 2023
Online Safety Bill completes passage through parliament
Bill awaits Royal Assent. Catch up
20 September 2023
Long-duration energy storage for Net Zero inquiry launched
Lords Science and Technology Committee is conducting an inquiry into long-duration energy storage for Net Zero
26 July 2023
Lords debates development of advanced artificial intelligence
Members discuss associated risks and approaches to regulation. Catch up
25 July 2023
Communications Committee launches inquiry into large language models
The Communications and Digital Committee is launching an inquiry that will examine large language models and what needs to happen over the next 1–3 years to ensure the UK can respond to their opportunities and risks.
07 July 2023
Total results 237 (page 1 of 16)