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Research and innovation news from UK Parliament.

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Disability, social mobility and issues faced by LGBTQ+ people in STEM examined by MPs
The Science and Technology Committee questions Michaela Community School Headmistress and Chair of the Social Mobility Commission Katharine Birbalsingh
21 April 2022
Delay to Horizon Europe association damaging to UK and EU research
European Affairs Committee write letters concerning the delay in the UK’s association to the EU’s Horizon Europe programme.
03 March 2022
scientist working in a laboratory
Advanced Research and Invention Agency Bill returns to the Lords
Bill granted Royal Assent. Catch up
10 February 2022
Delivering a UK science and technology strategy – inquiry launched
Science and Technology Committee launch inquiry into delivering a UK science and technology strategy
10 February 2022
Science and Technology Committee holds two evidence sessions on space and innovation
The evidence sessions will take place in London and Glasgow.
03 February 2022
Minister questioned on reproducibility and research integrity
The Science and Technology Committee explores the actions policymakers are taking to address challenges
27 January 2022
MPs take evidence on research utilising AI
The Science and Technology Committee takes evidence as part of its inquiry into reproducibility and research integrity
13 January 2022
Foggy polluted sky
EAC explores merits of technologies that suck carbon directly out of the air
The Environmental Audit Committee holds the second of two evidence sessions considering negative emissions technologies
04 January 2022
Science and Technology Committee holds evidence session on research
The session will focus on the role that researchers, research institutions and publishers can play in ensuring reproducibility.
10 December 2021
Science and Technology committee holds evidence session on satellites
The Science and Technology Committee questions satellite industry figures.
02 December 2021
MPs to showcase UK innovation and business in visit to the West Midlands
Committee take oral evidence in the West Midlands as it explores the role of technology, research and innovation in the UK’s recovery from covid-19
24 November 2021
Covid-19 transmission, vaccines, and UK’s winter preparedness: MPs to hear from scientific experts
MPs to hear from scientific experts as it explores routes of coronavirus transmission, developments with vaccines, and the UK’s position approaching winter 2021/22.
25 October 2021
Committee urges COP26 to include nature-based solutions in its decision text
The House of Lords Science and Technology Committee has written to the, President for COP26 ahead of the conference on 31 October. The Committee urge the COP26 President to ensure that nature based-solutions, as part of the answer to mitigating and adapting to climate change.
15 October 2021
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