Internet and cybercrime

Lords EU exit regulations: 9 April

Members consider rules on personal data breaches, food additives and customer discrimination

Government announce plans for "duty of care" online safety laws

Government announce plans for "duty of care" online safety laws

Ministers say "era of self-regulation for online companies is over"

Lords EU exit regulations: 21 March

Members discuss railway licensing, health services and chemical safety

It's time to rein in big tech, says Lords committee

Communications Committee publishes its report on internet regulation

Lords EU exit regulations: 18 February

Peers discuss investment funds, public records and data protection

More internet and cybercrime

Title Date
Online abuse law not fit for purpose, says Petitions Committee 22.01.2019
Lords debates digital technology and young people 18.01.2019
Senior judges discuss use of forensic science 13.12.2018
What is the role of digital forensics in the Criminal Justice System? 23.11.2018
Minister Margot James MP discusses Government internet policy 07.11.2018
Facebook, Google and Microsoft meet the Committee 30.10.2018