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Science and technology news from UK Parliament.

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Covid-19: How has the Government received scientific advice, and how has the advice been used? Cross-party group of MPs publish analysis
Committee publishes report on the UK response to covid-19 and the use of scientific advice
08 January 2021
Committee holds session to explore the roll-out of vaccinations in the UK
Committee to hold an evidence session to explore the roll-out of vaccines in England and the UK
07 January 2021
How does spending more time online affect our relationships?
COVID-19 Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 12 January at 10.00am
06 January 2021
Committee to hold an emergency evidence session to explore scientific evidence regarding the new variant of covid-19
Science and Technology Committee to hold an emergency evidence session to explore scientific evidence regarding the new variant of covid-19.
22 December 2020
No room for government complacency on artificial intelligence
The Liaison Committee publishes the first of its follow-up reports, looking again at Artificial Intelligence
18 December 2020
Committee to take evidence from social media companies as part of its inquiry into anti-vaccination disinformation
Facebook, YouTube and TikTok to face MPs on Covid-19 vaccine disinformation
11 December 2020
How can hydrogen contribute to Net Zero? MPs launch inquiry
Committee launches new inquiry on the role of hydrogen in achieving Net Zero
07 December 2020
Sir Patrick Vallance and Professor Chris Whitty questioned on Coronavirus: lessons learnt
Science and Technology Committee and Health and Social Care Committees hold joint evidence session
03 December 2020
Committee to explore the impact of digital technology on physical activity
COVID-19 Committee hears evidence on physical activity and use of digital technology
26 November 2020
Committee launches inquiry into role of Catapults in delivering R&D Roadmap
Science and Technology Committee launch new inquiry into innovation Catapults and R&D
26 November 2020
Joint inquiry to question Health Secretary on Government measures taken to counter spread of pandemic
MPs to question Matt Hancock on the effectiveness of the Government’s use of non-pharmaceutical interventions to control the spread of coronavirus
20 November 2020
Committee to hear Ministers’ evidence on post-transition period agricultural labour
Committee concludes its final hearing into its inquiry Labour in the food supply chain
12 November 2020
Minister questioned on new UK research funding agency
The Science and Technology Committee  explores how the proposed new funding agency—‘UK ARPA’—will fit into the existing UK research and innovation landscape
10 November 2020
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