Parliamentary procedure

Former Chief Whip questioned on the status of confidence motions

Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee takes evidence from Mark Harper MP

Instruments to be considered by the Committee on 6 November

European Statutory Instruments Committee considers proposed negative instruments

Written Statement by the Lord Speaker

The Lord Speaker, Lord Fowler.

The Lord Speaker makes a written statement about parliamentary privilege

Clerk of the House of Commons questioned

Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee examines how the constitutional status of resolutions of the House of Commons have changed

MPs support appointment to Chair of Committee on Standards in Public Life

Committee publishes report on appointment of Lord Evans

More parliamentary procedure

Title Date
Ministers should need Commons vote to override Committee recommendations on pre-appointment hearings 17.09.2018
Lords examines House of Lords (Hereditary Peers) (Abolition of By-Elections) Bill 10.09.2018
Liberal Democrat and Crossbench Peers examined by Committee 05.09.2018
Urgent question on pairing arrangements: 23 July 2018 23.07.2018
MPs approve Commons Independent Complaints and Grievance Policy 19.07.2018
Urgent question on maternity leave and proxy voting: 18 July 2018 18.07.2018