Parliamentary procedure

Commons urged to create Budget Committee to reform scrutiny of public spending

A Commons Budget Committee would scrutinise public spending, and bring UK into line with other major democracies

Improvements needed to law-making process says Committee

Constitution Committee publishes its latest legislative process report

Erskine May available online for the first time

Guide to parliamentary practice and procedure available for free online

Parliament needs a bigger role in scrutinising international agreements

Picture of some treaties

European Union Committee publishes its report on Scrutiny of intenrational agreements: lessons learned

Lords debates parliamentary freedom of speech

Peers discuss obligation to uphold court orders

More parliamentary procedure

Title Date
Procedure Committee reviews “humble Address” procedure to demand papers 20.05.2019
Lords discusses conduct of debate in public life 10.05.2019
Parliament’s treaty scrutiny system out of date, Committee calls for reform 30.04.2019
Lords examines House of Lords (Hereditary Peers) (Abolition of By-Elections) Bill 18.03.2019
Estimates Day debates 2017-19 26.02.2019
Article 50 discussions: Lords debates Brexit 13.02.2019