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Peers debate franchise extension, EEA nationals and victims of crime

Big Ben’s Great Clock celebrates its 160th Birthday

The Elizabeth Tower is illuminated at night as works to conserve the Tower for future generations continue

Find out more about the 160th birthday of Big Ben's great clock and the ongoing conservation works to the Elizabeth Tower

Lords debates parliamentary freedom of speech

Peers discuss obligation to uphold court orders

Threats to MPs: is the law around free speech and protest working?

Joint Committee on Human Rights continues inquiry into Democracy, Privacy, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Association

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Title Date
Lords discusses conduct of debate in public life 10.05.2019
Lords EU exit regulations: 1 May 02.05.2019
How authorities respond to threats and abuse to MPs examined 24.04.2019
Committee publishes report on Independent Complaints and Grievance Scheme 04.04.2019
Lords examines House of Lords (Hereditary Peers) (Abolition of By-Elections) Bill 18.03.2019
Reducing number of Lords ‘not a priority’, claims Government 05.03.2019