Lords outreach

UK Parliament Week 2018 begins with more than 7000 events taking place

A Lego Suffragette stands proudly by the despatch box in the House of Commons Chamber

Read on to find out more about UK Parliament Week 2018 and some of the events you can expect to see

Parliament’s podcast series wins Bronze in the 2018 British Podcast Awards

The Paliament Explained podcast - hosted by Meera Syal - has won an award

The Parliament Explained podcast - presented by Meera Syal - has been awarded Bronze in the British Podcast Awards. Read more about the podcast's outstanding success here

Parliament Explained podcast shortlisted in British Podcast Awards

The popular podcast has been nominated for an award

Read more about UK Parliament's award-nominated podcast

Lords debates size of the House

Peers discuss methods for reducing numbers

Lords opens chamber for free speech debate

Participants in the 2016 House of Lords Chamber Event.

Participants discuss freedom of speech and censorship

More lords outreach

Title Date
Lord Speaker addresses Women's Institute: transcript 11.06.2016
Lord Speaker addresses Women’s Institute 10.06.2016
Lords chamber event 2015: How do we increase diversity in Parliament? 04.12.2015
Lord Speaker welcomes women's groups to Parliament 08.09.2015
Lord Speaker to give talk on Women and Democracy in Birmingham 26.05.2015
Lord Speaker visits North West 16.10.2014