Lords news

Title Date
EU Committee takes evidence on the revised protocol on Ireland / Northern Ireland 25.10.2019
Lords debates government support for neighbourhood services 25.10.2019
Academics questioned on Government voter ID plans and election challenges 25.10.2019
Lords debates political unrest in Hong Kong 25.10.2019
POSTPONED: JCNSS examine biosecurity and human health in opening session of inquiry 24.10.2019
Lords EU exit regulations: 23 October 24.10.2019
Birmingham Commonwealth Games Bill: Lords third reading 24.10.2019
Lords debates Queen's Speech 2019 23.10.2019
Deal or no deal, the UK should honour its financial obligations 23.10.2019
Treaty with the Republic of Korea drawn to the special attention of the House 22.10.2019
Committee again considers position of UK citizens in EU post-Brexit 22.10.2019
Lords committee questions academics on the fundamental aspects of the ageing process 22.10.2019
House of Lords Brexit debate: Saturday 19 October 19.10.2019
Brexit Secretary questioned on the latest Brexit developments 18.10.2019
Parliamentarians and academics give their views on the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011 18.10.2019
Lords EU regulations: 16 October 17.10.2019
What are the sectoral implications of abolishing seasonal time changes? 17.10.2019
Vegetarian food names are already clear, agreed Minister 16.10.2019
Defra's no deal Brexit preparations: Minister to give evidence 16.10.2019
House of Lords Private Members' Bills ballot results 2019 15.10.2019