Lords news

Title Date
Hansard Society and British Academy give evidence to Liaison Committee 15.05.2018
Committee launches follow-up inquiry into civil justice cooperation post Brexit 15.05.2018
Security experts and Crown Prosecution Service discuss proposed UK-EU security treaty 15.05.2018
United Nations General Assembly priorities 2018 explored by Committee 15.05.2018
BEIS questioned on EU Commission's 'no-deal' stakeholder advice 15.05.2018
Lords examines Creditworthiness Assessment Bill 14.05.2018
Lords debates Divorce (Financial Provision) Bill 14.05.2018
UK could lose influence on CSDP missions and operations post-Brexit, warns Committee 14.05.2018
Five short debates in the Lords 11.05.2018
Twelfth Informal Brexit Liaison Group meeting held 11.05.2018
Minister questioned on the proposed UK-EU security treaty 11.05.2018
Lords considers Modern Slavery (Victim Support) Bill 11.05.2018
Brexit: food prices and availability report published by Committee 10.05.2018
Report stage: further check and change of EU (Withdrawal) Bill 09.05.2018
Senior Government officials discuss Brexit impact on biosecurity 09.05.2018
Are India's foreign policy objectives regional or global? 09.05.2018
Legal experts discuss the proposed UK-EU security treaty 09.05.2018
Lord Chancellor gives annual evidence to Constitution Committee 09.05.2018
Think tanks discuss whether more internet regulation is needed 08.05.2018
What are the barriers in the wider uptake of off-site manufacture? 08.05.2018