Lords news

Title Date
Committee hears from insurance and pension experts on social care funding 23.11.2018
National Crime Agency gives evidence on the Bribery Act 2010 23.11.2018
What is the role of digital forensics in the Criminal Justice System? 23.11.2018
Lords debates UN Sustainable Development Goals 23.11.2018
Lords debates global numbers of displaced children 23.11.2018
Can we make the tax system fair to all generations? Committee ask experts 23.11.2018
Access to rural transport and the fight against rural crime examined 23.11.2018
Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and nuclear disarmament inquiry launched 22.11.2018
Small businesses could pay a heavy price for Making Tax Digital for VAT 22.11.2018
Committee writes to Health Secretary about no deal preparations 21.11.2018
Lords debates Brexit deal 21.11.2018
Crime (Overseas Production Orders) Bill: Lords third reading 21.11.2018
Civil Liability Bill returns to the Lords 21.11.2018
Exchequer Secretary discusses European Investment Bank funding and SMEs post Brexit 21.11.2018
Experts discuss Parliament’s role in treaty scrutiny 21.11.2018
Lords Committee statement on the report into the conduct of Lord Lester 20.11.2018
How is forensic science delivered in Scotland and Northern Ireland? 20.11.2018
Housing issues in seaside towns explored by committee 20.11.2018
Parliamentary committees to examine horse racing betting levy changes 20.11.2018
Horse racing betting levy changes examined by Peers and MPs 20.11.2018