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Lords news news from UK Parliament.

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House of Lords back to business on 5 January
The House of Lords returns to business on 5 January, meeting in hybrid proceedings to check and change draft laws and scrutinise government decisions and actions.
04 January 2021
EU and UK flags
House of Lords meets on 30 December
The House considered legislation relating to the UK’s future relationship with the EU and new Coronavirus regulations.
31 December 2020
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Committee urges post-legislative scrutiny of EU future relationship bill
The Constitution Committee publishes its report on the European Union (Future Relationship) Bill
29 December 2020
How do we ensure the UK is resilient to extreme risks and emergencies?
Call for evidence published for risk assessment and risk planning inquiry
23 December 2020
Lords pauses for recess following a packed 2020
This year the House has adapted to ensure its crucial work checking and challenging government action continues
21 December 2020
Committee welcomes progress in the polling industry but calls for ongoing vigilance
The House of Lords Liaison Committee publishes its second follow-up report The politics of polling: an update.
21 December 2020
Government must keep working to tackle tax avoidance promoters, says Lords committee report
Finance Bill Sub-Committee publish report on new powers for HMRC
19 December 2020
Episode 2, part 2: with Lord Teverson and Baroness Campbell of Surbiton
Listen to the House of Lords Podcast with Lord Teverson and Baroness Campbell of Surbiton. In this episode, we discuss disability rights, the environment and the EU.
18 December 2020
Government should not make laws with known flaws in them, say Lords
The Economic Affairs Finance Bill Sub-Committee has published a brief report on the Social Security Contributions (Intermediaries) (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2020
18 December 2020
Progress needed on delivering common frameworks
Common Frameworks Scrutiny Committee writes to Minister for the Constitution and Devolution
17 December 2020
Lords questions government on the environment and plans to avoid delays at ports
Lords questions to government take place each day at the start of business.
17 December 2020
Inquiry on post-Brexit UK-EU law enforcement and security cooperation
the The EU Security and Justice today launches a brief inquiry into the outcome of the current UK-EU future relationship negotiations
17 December 2020
EU and UK flags
Lords persuades government to think again on devolved powers after Brexit
United Kingdom Internal Market Bill returns to the Commons for agreement
16 December 2020
Lords examines High Speed Rail (West Midlands-Crewe) Bill
Members consider motion on route extension
15 December 2020
New job creation plan needed to prevent New Year spike in unemployment
The Economic Affairs Committee publishes its report ‘Employment and COVID-19: time for a new deal’.
14 December 2020
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