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Lords news news from UK Parliament.

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Education Secretary questioned on future UK-EU relationship on research and education
EU Services Sub-Committee publishes letter to Government on the future UK-EU relationship on research and education
03 December 2020
Lords examines covert intelligence bill
Redress for innocent victims on agenda
02 December 2020
EU and UK flags
Lords completes check and change of the UK Internal Market Bill
The bill passes to the Commons for consideration of Lords amendments
02 December 2020
Children with learning disabilities and combatting HIV in Lords questions
Members quiz government in questions Monday 30 November – Thursday 3 December
02 December 2020
Lords examines High Speed Rail (West Midlands-Crewe) Bill
Members vote on consultations with local residents and stakeholders
01 December 2020
Conduct Committee reports on registration of members’ foreign interests
Report on proposed changes to how members are required to register their links with foreign governments
30 November 2020
Lords debates UK-Japan Trade Agreement
Members discuss new Comprehensive Economic Partnership
27 November 2020
Parliamentary Constituencies Bill completes passage through Parliament
Bill becomes law following Royal Assent
27 November 2020
Agreements on spaceports and fisheries reported for special attention
The International Agreements Sub-Committee publishes report on three international agreements
27 November 2020
Fix “dysfunctional” online ads market, Lords Committee report says
Report on the future of journalism published.
27 November 2020
COVID-19 vaccines and special educational needs in Lords questions for government
Coming up in members’ questions to government Monday 23 – Thursday 26 November
26 November 2020
Committee launches inquiry into role of Catapults in delivering R&D Roadmap
Science and Technology Committee launch new inquiry into innovation Catapults and R&D
26 November 2020
Lords debates Fire Safety Bill at third reading
Bill passes to Commons to consider Lords amendments
25 November 2020
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