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Lords news news from UK Parliament.

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Lord examines Medicines and Medical Devices Bill
Members discuss disclosure of information and patient safety
23 October 2020
Inquiry launched on UK common frameworks after Brexit
UK common frameworks programme after Brexit inquiry launches
23 October 2020
Social inequalities and small businesses in Lords questions for government
Members turns spotlight on the economy and education in questions 26 – 29 October
23 October 2020
Lords asks government to 'think again' on child refugees
Members vote for change to allow child refugees to reunite with family in the UK
22 October 2020
New arrangements for UK nutrition policy scrutinised by committee
The Committee has written to Health Minister on the Provisional Framework on Nutrition Labelling, Composition and Standards (NLCS)
21 October 2020
Lords asks Commons to 'think again' on food imports
Members vote for agriculture imports to meet UK standards
21 October 2020
Lords debates COVID-19 restrictions
Members consider 10pm closing time, 'rule of six' and northern England lockdown rules
20 October 2020
Lords examines Parliamentary Constituencies Bill
Bill passes to Commons to consider Lords amendments
16 October 2020
Historic statues and cancer taskforce in Lords questions for government
Members check and challenge government action in questions 19 – 22 October
16 October 2020
EU and UK flags
Lords continues line by line check of Trade Bill
Members discuss involvement of trade unions, disclosure of information and more
16 October 2020
Government should remove Part 5 of the UK Internal Market Bill
Report on United Kingdom Internal Market Bill published
16 October 2020
Image of UK Parliament portcullis
Extradition (Provisional Arrest) Bill completes passage through both Houses
The bill will become law following Royal Assent
15 October 2020
COVID-19: Lords questions government and debates new restrictions
Members consider regulations on self-isolation
14 October 2020
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