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Lords news

Explore the latest news from the UK Parliament's second chamber. 

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A university lecture hall
Lords debates Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill
Catch up on the main House of Lords debate on the draft law to increase academic freedom of speech
29 June 2022
A group of students in a school classroom facing away from the camera. One student in the centre has raised their hand
Lords concludes line by line examination of Schools Bill
Members consider school land and buildings, COVID-19 recovery plan and more. Catch up
28 June 2022
What's on in the Lords 27-30 June
Discover questions, legislation and debates coming up in the House of Lords from 27-30 June
24 June 2022
Terraced houses
Lords debates Social Housing (Regulation) Bill at second reading
Member consider new enforcement powers to tackle failing landlords. Catch up
24 June 2022
Cables attached to an internet router
Lords begins detailed check of Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill
Members consider changes on ensuring consumer connectable products meet minimum safety standards as line by line examination begins. Catch up
24 June 2022
Lords debates standards of behaviour and honesty in political life
Members discuss the impact on the democratic process from a reduction in standards in political life. Catch up
24 June 2022
Lords begins line by line scrutiny of Identity and Language (Northern Ireland) Bill
Members discuss the powers of the Secretary of State to appoint an Irish Language Commissioner. Catch up
23 June 2022
comforting hand holding
Lords conclude check of Social Security (Special Rules for End of Life) Bill
Members discuss progress of bill as Lords stages conclude. Find out more
23 June 2022
UK-Australia free trade agreement welcomed, but a published trade policy is needed
International Agreements Committee publishes its report on scrutiny of the UK-Australia free trade agreement
23 June 2022
Government reluctant to engage with the EU on financial services says Lords Committee
The European Affairs Committee publishes report on the UK-EU relationship in financial services
23 June 2022
All migrant victims of domestic abuse and violence must be protected, says Lords committee
International Agreements Committee publishes report on the Istanbul Convention
17 June 2022
Minister for Europe and North America questioned on UK-EU relations
European Affairs Committee takes evidence from Minister of State for Europe and North America
17 June 2022
What's on in the Lords 20-23 June
Find out what happened in the House of Lords from 20-23 June
17 June 2022
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