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Lords news

Explore the latest news from the UK Parliament's second chamber. 

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Lords debates UK asylum and refugee policy
Members discuss principles behind current policy and response to forced migration.
08 December 2022
A man sits on a sofa speaking to his older father
House of Lords Podcast: adult social care, and children and families
This month we speak to two members who have been leading investigations into improving adult social care and how the government has incompletely implemented the Children and Families Act.
08 December 2022
A university lecture hall
Lords continues detailed scrutiny of Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Bill
Members vote on civil claims. Catch up
08 December 2022
Adult Social Care Committee challenges government to urgent reforms in adult social care
Adult Social Care Committee publishes report A “gloriously ordinary life’’: spotlight on adult social care
08 December 2022
New Lords committee reports
House of Lords special investigative committees publish reports on fraud, the Children and Families Act 2014 and adult social care. Find out more
08 December 2022
The Lord Speaker gives the Hansard Society Parliamentary Affairs Anniversary Lecture
Lord Speaker's speech on future of the House of Lords
On Wednesday 7 December, the Lord Speaker gave the Hansard Society Parliamentary Affairs Anniversary Lecture.
07 December 2022
Creation of 4 new special inquiry committees
The House of Lords Liaison Committee recommends four proposals for new special inquiry committees in 2023.
07 December 2022
Lords debates National Security Bill
Members discuss draft law to update UK security measures to deal with modern threats. Catch up
07 December 2022
Northern Ireland (Executive Formation etc) Bill completes passage through Parliament
Members discuss rules regarding appointment of Northern Ireland ministers as draft legislation set to become law. Catch up
06 December 2022
Children and Families Act 2014: an example of inadequate implementation
The Children and Families Act 2014 Committee publishes its report, Children and Families Act 2014: A failure of implementation.
06 December 2022
A busy House of Lords chamber with members sitting on the red benches
Private members' bills in the Lords in the 2022-23 session
Follow the progress of private members' bills in the House of Lords during the 2022-23 session of Parliament
05 December 2022
Lords debates BBC World Service
Members debate the importance of the BBC World Service and the impact of cuts to its services. Catch up
02 December 2022
What's on in the Lords 5-9 December
Find out what's happening in the House of Lords from from 5-9 December.
02 December 2022
Total results 1176 (page 1 of 79)