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House of Lords

House of Lords news from UK Parliament.

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Embassy Workers welcome Human Rights protection however future cases need quicker resolution
Embassy Workers welcome Human Rights protection however future cases need quicker resolution
12 July 2022
Flaws in the licensing system remain unresolved, says new Lords report
The House of Lords Liaison Committee publishes its sixth follow-up report.
11 July 2022
Lords debates Palace of Westminster restoration project
Members consider renewed governance structure to preserve building for future generations.
08 July 2022
Image of UK Parliament portcullis
The conduct of Lord Lea of Crondall
Report recommends Lord Lea's access privileges be permanently revoked.
08 July 2022
A printed bill
House of Lords Podcast: private members' bills
Find out how members campaign for change via private members’ bills, plus the process they go through in the House of Lords
07 July 2022
Committee activity in House of Lords reviewed during 2021-22 Parliamentary Session
The House of Lords Liaison Committee today publishes its report on Committee activity in 2021–22.
07 July 2022
The Moses Room in the House of Lords where Grand Committee business is conducted
Three short debates in the Lords
Members quiz government on tropical diseases, UK artists on tour in the EU and Ukrainian refugees. Catch up
06 July 2022
Lords campaigning on folic acid
Find out about Lord Rooker's campaigning in the House of Lords to fortify UK flour with folic acid
05 July 2022
Lords debates Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting
Members discuss 2022 meeting in Rwanda and the future of the Commonwealth. Catch up
30 June 2022
Lords Committee requests urgent review of the Life in the UK Test
Justice and Home Affairs Committee writes to Government urging review of Life in the UK Test
30 June 2022
Lords debates standards of behaviour and honesty in political life
Members discuss the impact on the democratic process from a reduction in standards in political life. Catch up
24 June 2022
comforting hand holding
Lords conclude check of Social Security (Special Rules for End of Life) Bill
Members discuss progress of bill as Lords stages conclude. Find out more
23 June 2022
UK-Australia free trade agreement welcomed, but a published trade policy is needed
International Agreements Committee publishes its report on scrutiny of the UK-Australia free trade agreement
23 June 2022
All migrant victims of domestic abuse and violence must be protected, says Lords committee
International Agreements Committee publishes report on the Istanbul Convention
17 June 2022
Lords debates the location of both Houses of Parliament
Members discuss the case for both Houses of Parliament to continue to be co-located in the same city. Catch up
17 June 2022
Total results 2735 (page 24 of 183)