House of Lords news

Lord Speaker discusses role of second chamber

'Do we need the House of Lords?' Lord Speaker addresses the Oxford Union

Can off-site manufacture improve productivity in construction?

Lords Science and Technology Committee takes evidence on Tuesday 24 April at 3.20pm

Is it time to regulate the internet? Legal experts give evidence

Communications Committee meeting on Tuesday 24 April at 3.30pm

Institute for Government and Constitution Unit, UCL give evidence to committee

Lords Liaison Committee takes evidence on Wednesday 25 April at 10.40am

Lords examines EU (Withdrawal) Bill

Members continue further check on report stage day 3

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Title Date
Lords debates Civil Liability Bill 23.04.2018
Lords examines Smart Meters Bill 23.04.2018
Haulage Permits and Trailer Registration Bill: Lords third reading 23.04.2018
Brexit Bill: Lords to investigate how statutory instruments should be scrutinised 23.04.2018
Impact of Brexit on UK small and medium-sized enterprises examined 23.04.2018
Lord Chief Justice questioned by Committee 23.04.2018