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House of Lords news from UK Parliament.

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Detailed check of Professional Qualifications Bill continues
Members check the bill line by line. Learn more
11 June 2021
Report published on the use and scrutiny of emergency powers during the COVID-19 pandemic
The Constitution Committee publishes its third and final report for its inquiry into the constitutional implications of COVID-19.
10 June 2021
Lords debates Environment Bill
Members debate stronger provisions and measures to ensure climate change targets are met. Catch up
08 June 2021
New powers for HMRC report debated in House of Lords
The House of Lords debates the Finance Bill Sub-Committee’s 2020 report, New powers for HMRC: fair and proportionate? on Tuesday 8 June 2021 from 2:30pm.
04 June 2021
House of Lords round-up
Catch up with Lords work in the 2021-22 session so far and what's coming from Monday 7 June
28 May 2021
Four short debates in the Lords
Climate change targets, ethnicity and child poverty, neurological services and perpetrators of genocide are in the Lords spotlight. Find out more about Thursday debates in May
28 May 2021
Lords debates Dormant Assets Bill
Members debate the distribution of financial assets to good causes. Catch up
27 May 2021
House of Lords appoints new Commissioners for Standards
Martin Jelley and Akbar Khan take over as Commissioners for Standards. Find out more
26 May 2021
Committee recommends further consideration of draft Online Safety Bill
The Communications and Digital Committee is concerned that pornography websites which do not allow users to share content are not covered by the government’s draft Online Safety Bill.
25 May 2021
Former Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield OBE advising Lords committee
Former Children’s Commissioner for England Anne Longfield has been appointed specialist adviser to the Public Services Committee.
24 May 2021
The impact of COVID-19 on towns and cities explored by Committee
The COVID-19 Committee launches its new inquiry on the impact of the pandemic on towns and cities.
24 May 2021
Lords debates hybrid proceedings
Members debate remote participation and hybrid sittings, set up in response to COVID-19. Find out more
21 May 2021
Call for evidence on the operation of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland
The Sub-Committee on the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland publishes a call for evidence, inviting interested individuals and organisations to submit their views on the operation of the Protocol on Ireland/Northern Ireland.
21 May 2021
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