Commons news

Title Date
Military Exercises and the Duty of Care: Further Follow-Up 22.07.2019
Civil Service must fill the void left by 2012 abolition of National School for Government, says PACAC report 22.07.2019
Garden design and tourism report published 22.07.2019
Members recommend an increase in the defence budget 21.07.2019
Justice Committee - weekly update 19.07.2019
Committee question Malthouse and Hackitt on building regulations and fire safety 19.07.2019
This week in the Commons: 19 July 2019 19.07.2019
A ‘No deal’ Brexit would be the most economically damaging outcome for UK business 19.07.2019
Decisions of the Petitions Committee Tuesday 9 July 2019 18.07.2019
Decisions of the Petitions Committee Tuesday 2 July 2019 18.07.2019
Motability provides full account of governance review to Committees 18.07.2019
Prostitution: how can we tackle inequalities and harm? 18.07.2019
Committee requests updated economic analysis of Brexit 18.07.2019
Committee to publish report on active travel 18.07.2019
New inquiry: Government’s approach to infectious diseases and bioweapons examined 18.07.2019
Northern Ireland (Executive Formation) Bill: Commons stages 18.07.2019
Government statement on detention 18.07.2019
Restructure body tasked with protecting statistics for public good, urges Committee 18.07.2019
Government ‘far too slow’ in Grenfell Tower fire response, says Committee 18.07.2019
Census Bill: Commons Second Reading 17.07.2019