Commons news

Title Date
10 clauses Government must change in Counter-Terrorism and Border Security Bill 12.10.2018
Supplementary memo from the BBC published 11.10.2018
Transport Secretary announces terms of reference for the Rail Review 11.10.2018
Urgent question on death penalty policy for foreign fighters 11.10.2018
Urgent question on the sale of student loans 11.10.2018
Have your say on the Agriculture Bill 11.10.2018
Agriculture Bill: Commons stages 10.10.2018
Prime Minister's Questions: 10 October 2018 10.10.2018
Brexit Secretary updates the Commons on EU exit strategy 09.10.2018
Shadow Secretary questions the Government on private investments and overseas aid 09.10.2018
Government questioned on dangerous waste from NHS patients 09.10.2018
Government questioned on food labelling and allergy-related deaths 09.10.2018
Migration Advisory Committee discuss EEA migration report 09.10.2018
Pre-appointment hearing for the Chair of the Committee on Standards in Public Life 09.10.2018
Minister for Small Business questioned on late payments 09.10.2018
Give water companies powers for compulsory metering 09.10.2018
Traders questioned on challenges facing retail and hospitality sectors 04.10.2018
Ministers should need Commons vote to override Committee recommendations on pre-appointment hearings 17.09.2018
Harry Rich recommended as the next Registrar of Consultant Lobbyists 17.09.2018
This week in the Commons: 14 September 2018 14.09.2018