Commons news

Title Date
Prime Minister's Questions: 24 July 2019 24.07.2019
Minister questioned on historical abuse in Northern Ireland 24.07.2019
Urgent question on the future of British Steel 24.07.2019
Kew Gardens Bill: Commons remaining stages 24.07.2019
Defence Committee launch new inquiry into defence industrial policy: procurement and prosperity 23.07.2019
BEIS Committee publish Whirlpool correspondence 23.07.2019
PACAC launches new inquiry examining parliamentary scrutiny of international treaties and other agreements 23.07.2019
Ministers questioned about decriminalisation of abortion 23.07.2019
Urgent question on Personal Independence Payments 23.07.2019
Government leadership and ambition required to champion walking and cycling 23.07.2019
Non-Domestic Rating (Lists) Bill: Commons stages 22.07.2019
Government statement updates MPs on Universal Credit managed migration 22.07.2019
Government statement on telecoms supply chain review 22.07.2019
Government statement on situation in the Gulf 22.07.2019
Urgent question on pensions for severely disabled victims in Northern Ireland 22.07.2019
Urgent question on treatment for Batten disease 22.07.2019
TPR action on pensions scams and the Railways Pension Scheme 22.07.2019
Committee consider citizens’ assemblies and a further referendum ahead of new Prime Minister’s arrival 22.07.2019
Urgent question after violence in Hong Kong 22.07.2019
PACAC questions Electoral Commission on need for electoral law reform as new PM prepares for office 22.07.2019