Committee news

Title Date
Andy Burnham questioned on Brexit and devolution 04.06.2018
Lords debate impact of Brexit on energy security 01.06.2018
Government should take steps to end unfair discrimination in British Nationality law 31.05.2018
Key Chilcot lesson must be implemented, says PACAC 29.05.2018
"Dangerously exposed" Afghan interpreters should come to UK, say Committee 26.05.2018
Sainsbury's-Asda merger letters published 25.05.2018
Upgrade of safeguarding service 'a masterclass in incompetence' 25.05.2018
Government approach to facial imaging unacceptable 25.05.2018
Government Response on UK's response to hurricanes in Overseas Territories published 24.05.2018
Committee launch inquiry into automation and the future of work 24.05.2018
Committee questions experts on future customs arrangements after Brexit 24.05.2018
Future anti-ship missile systems inquiry launched with French Defence Committee 23.05.2018
Committee explore UK’s resilience to heatwaves 23.05.2018
Employers questioned on sexual harassment in the workplace 23.05.2018
Trade between the UK, Australia and New Zealand examined 23.05.2018
Committee explores data sharing post-Brexit 23.05.2018
Carillion: Government risk assessments published 23.05.2018
Committee sets the agenda for new algorithmic ethics agency 23.05.2018
Update on Pubs Code Adjudicator inquiry launched by BEIS Committee 22.05.2018
Eliminating Gender Pay Gap post-Brexit examined in Committee's report 22.05.2018