Committee news

Title Date
Education Committee to hold session on apprenticeships and skills 19.06.2020
Committee question the Devolved Governments about the UK's response to Covid-19 19.06.2020
Committee Post-Pandemic Economic Growth inquiry begins 19.06.2020
How close are we to developing a vaccine for COVID-19? 19.06.2020
Pharmaceutical and chemical companies questioned on facilitating UK-EU trade 19.06.2020
Committee requires five Specialist Advisers for Post Pandemic Economic Growth inquiry 19.06.2020
Lords fear security impact of failure to agree UK/EU security cooperation 18.06.2020
Ecclesiastical Committee to consider draft Channel Islands Measure 17.06.2020
COVID-19 Rapid Summary: Testing 17.06.2020
COVID-19 Rapid Summary: Behavioural Science 17.06.2020
Committee continues to investigate the impact of COVID-19 on Parliament 16.06.2020
Consultancy firms give evidence on future UK-EU relationship 16.06.2020
Inquiry Launch: Environment and the Level Playing Field 15.06.2020
Nurses’ leader and Greater Manchester CEO give evidence on lessons from COVID-19 15.06.2020
PACAC hold opening session of Coronavirus Act inquiry 15.06.2020
Magazines and broadcast journalists discuss the future of journalism 15.06.2020
MPs to debate the effects of Covid-19 on BAME communities 15.06.2020
Backbench Business Committee celebrates 10 years 15.06.2020
Committee report condemns behaviour of British Airways 13.06.2020
Defence Committee to hold session on security and geopolitics of 5G 12.06.2020