Committee news

Title Date
Committee questions Minister about future UK-EU cooperation on international development 26.06.2020
Report on international agreements with Morocco and Poland published 26.06.2020
Professional and business services companies questioned on future UK-EU relationship 25.06.2020
Backbench Business Committee confirms topics for Estimates Day debates 25.06.2020
Call for evidence on UK-Japan trade negotiations launched 25.06.2020
MPs launch inquiry into fairness of private prosecutions 24.06.2020
Post-Brexit devolution challenges highlighted by Agriculture Bill 23.06.2020
CBI among witnesses as Peers probe COVID-19 lessons for public services 22.06.2020
EAC to hold its second public evidence session on e-waste 22.06.2020
Engineering, architecture and design firms questioned on future UK-EU relationship 22.06.2020
Lords investigate the balance of power between publishers and platforms 22.06.2020
Scottish food and drink sector set to lay out coronavirus impact to Scottish Affairs Committee 22.06.2020
Raise the rates of legacy benefits to support people hit hard by coronavirus pandemic, not just Universal Credit, say MPs 22.06.2020
Committee to take evidence on 5G and OpenRAN technology 19.06.2020
Committee to question industry and trade bodies on defence procurement and prosperity 19.06.2020
Education Committee to hold session on apprenticeships and skills 19.06.2020
Committee question the Devolved Governments about the UK's response to Covid-19 19.06.2020
Committee Post-Pandemic Economic Growth inquiry begins 19.06.2020
How close are we to developing a vaccine for COVID-19? 19.06.2020
Pharmaceutical and chemical companies questioned on facilitating UK-EU trade 19.06.2020