Committee news

Title Date
Insufficient time allowed for effective treaty scrutiny says Lords report 10.07.2020
EU Committee criticises lack of engagement by Northern Ireland Office 08.07.2020
COVID-19 Rapid Summary: Therapeutics 08.07.2020
Committee demands detailed plan for PPE from DHSC within 2 months, ahead of potential second Covid wave 08.07.2020
Committee hears from legal sector representative bodies on COVID-19's impact on courts 07.07.2020
Small businesses questioned on facilitating future UK-EU trade in manufactured goods 07.07.2020
Committees on Arms Export Controls (CAEC) selects Mark Garnier as chair 06.07.2020
Age UK, mental health and homelessness charities give evidence on coronavirus 06.07.2020
Brexit update from Environment Secretary 06.07.2020
Facebook and Google respond to Lords on online advertising and news 06.07.2020
Time to fix the failures in food, says Lords Committee 06.07.2020
Will test and trace strategy work? Do data ethics affect pandemic response? 03.07.2020
Draft agreement on unaccompanied migrant children discussed with experts 03.07.2020
No time to lose on Protocol implementation for Northern Ireland agrifood 03.07.2020
Time to act to reduce gambling-related harm, says Lords report 02.07.2020
Human rights, inequality, health and social care lessons for public services 01.07.2020
New Committee asks people to share their views on life beyond COVID-19 01.07.2020
Trade, customs and logistics experts questioned on facilitating UK-EU trade 01.07.2020
Chair reacts to Airbus job losses 01.07.2020
Troubles victims’ groups to discuss UK Government legacy proposals 30.06.2020