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Bill news from UK Parliament.

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Lords votes on changes to overseas operations bill
Members vote on investigation into allegations, time limits for court proceedings and duty care for service personnel.
14 April 2021
Lords examines Financial Services Bill at report stage
Members discuss personal data, bailiff firms and climate change targets. Learn more
13 April 2021
Counter-Terrorism and Sentencing Bill completes passage through Parliament
Lords discuss timeframes for Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures notices as both Houses agree final text. Learn more
26 March 2021
Lords debates Coronavirus Act powers one year on
Members debate the government's one-year report on the Coronavirus Act 2020 powers. Find out more
26 March 2021
Lords completes final check of Domestic Abuse Bill
Members complete check and discuss a final change. Learn more
25 March 2021
Lords agrees to Commons Trade Bill compromise
Lords accepts compromise on Parliament's scrutiny of trade deals with states accused of committing genocide. Find out more
24 March 2021
Lords examines Non-Domestic Rating (Public Lavatories) Bill
Members discuss availability, accessibility and cleanliness of public lavatories
18 March 2021
Fire Safety Bill returns to the Lords
Members vote to prevent cost of building works being passed to leaseholders
18 March 2021
The Speaker of the House of Commons sat in the Chair in the House of Commons Chamber
Coming up in the Commons: 15-19 March 2021
We’ve put together a list of highlights to keep you on top of the legislation, debates and questions coming up that you need to know about. 
12 March 2021
Lords completes check of business rates revaluation bill
Members complete check: business rates revaluation bill ready for Royal Assent
10 March 2021
Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill completes passage through Parliament
Members discuss definition of leases and Electronic Communications Code
05 March 2021
Lords examines Ministerial and other Maternity Allowances Bill
Government accepts amendment on use of 'mother or expectant mother' in the bill
26 February 2021
Lords considers Commons changes to the covert intelligence bill
Members discuss safeguards for juveniles and powers of the Judicial Commissioner
10 February 2021
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