Legislative process

European Union Committee draws special attention to trade agreements with Israel and Switzerland

House of Lords exterior

European Union Committee publishes its seventh report on Brexit-related international agreements

Supreme Court Judges annual evidence with Committee

The Constitution Committee hears evidence on Wednesday 20 March at 10.00am

Four special inquiry committees recommended by the Lords Liaison Committee

committee corridor

Lords Liaison Committee publish report on new special inquriy committees

Enforcement agencies and transparency groups give evidence

Committee on the Registration of Overseas Entities Bill takes evidence on 18 March at 4.30pm

More legislative process

Title Date
Companies House, land registries and law societies give evidence 07.03.2019
Financial crime expert and lawyers give evidence to pre-legislative inquiry 04.03.2019
Call for evidence on pre-legislative inquiry 01.03.2019
Commons debates Statutory Instruments 20.02.2019
Former Foreign Secretaries give evidence to Committee 09.01.2019
Lords debates case for UK Constitutional Convention 14.12.2018