General election

European Union (Withdrawal) (No. 6) Bill proceeds to Royal Assent

Both Houses agree to final text of the Bill

MPs vote against motion for an early general election

MPs voted against a motion that a general election will take place

Experts discuss the effectiveness of the Fixed-term Parliaments Act 2011

The Constitution Committee hears evidence on Wednesday 4 September at 10.30am

PACAC questions Electoral Commission on need for electoral law reform as new PM prepares for office

Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee look into how the consequences of continued inaction on electoral law reform would affect preparations for a future general election.

Lords private members' bills

Peers debate franchise extension, EEA nationals and victims of crime

More general election

Title Date
Lords debates People's Vote on Brexit 26.10.2018
Lords debates third party election campaigning 14.09.2018
Lords debates referendums in the UK 20.07.2018
Time for better oversight of polling and online political communications 17.04.2018
Work of the Electoral Commission scrutinised 06.03.2018
BBC and Society of Editors discuss the coverage of polling 14.11.2017