Scottish Parliament

Lords marks twenty years of devolution

Peers debate role of devolved administrations

Interparliamentary Forum on Brexit holds seventh meeting

Statement following seventh meeting of Interparliamentary Forum is published

MPs question Scottish Government Minister on Scottish-UK relations

The final evidence session will examine the impact of Brexit on UK-Scottish relations

UK minister questioned on UK-Scottish Government relationship

The impact of Brexit on intergovernmental relations explored in questions to the Minister for the Constitution

Committee examines use and misuse of drugs in Scotland

Committee look into rising drug misuse in Scotland, and whether Edinburgh has sufficient powers to tackle the problem

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Title Date
Committee questions former ministers and officials on Scotland-UK relations 05.02.2019
Committee questions MPs and officials on Scotland-UK relations 04.02.2019
Interparliamentary Forum on Brexit holds sixth meeting 18.01.2019
Lords debates Brexit and the Union 18.01.2019
Lords debates case for UK Constitutional Convention 14.12.2018
Committee questions Ministers on implications of Agriculture Bill for Scotland 30.10.2018