Northern Ireland Assembly

Title Date
Karen Bradley MP questioned by Northern Ireland Committee 31.01.2018
Lords debates role of devolved administrations in Brexit 26.01.2018
Committee visits Dublin, Belfast and Derry/Londonderry for UK-Irish relations follow up 25.01.2018
Civil Service chiefs on governance in absence of Executive 24.01.2018
Ministers give evidence on UK-Irish relations follow up 19.01.2018
Brexit: UK-Irish relations - EU Committee launches follow-up inquiry 12.01.2018
Government's proposals for establishing post-Brexit border examined 29.11.2017
Bombardier and the impact of potential US tariffs examined 22.11.2017
Chief Minister of Gibraltar questioned on Brexit and land border 15.11.2017
Northern Ireland update: 2 November 2017 02.11.2017
Northern Ireland Affairs Committee looks to Switzerland and Norway in border inquiry 01.11.2017
Interparliamentary Forum on Brexit holds first meeting 13.10.2017
Lords debate impact of Brexit on devolution 09.10.2017
Government responds to Brexit: devolution report 20.09.2017
Statement on Northern Ireland political situation: 3 July 2017 03.07.2017
Statement on Northern Ireland: 26 June 2017 26.06.2017
Northern Ireland (Ministerial Appointments and Regional Rates) Bill: Commons stages 28.04.2017
Statement on Northern Ireland political developments: 28 March 2017 28.03.2017
Brexit and Northern Ireland: former party leaders give evidence 21.03.2017
Treasury must investigate if post-Brexit tax powers can boost tourism 20.03.2017