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Northern Ireland Assembly

Northern Ireland Assembly news from UK Parliament.

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Veterans Commissioner Kinahan to discuss legacy with Northern Ireland Affairs Committee
Questions will focus on the challenges faced by Northern Ireland veterans, and the UK Government's policies to tackle the legacy of The Troubles
02 February 2021
Troubles Legacy Interim Report: Government Response
The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee has published the Government’s response to the Committee’s interim report on addressing the legacy of Northern Ireland’s past.
18 January 2021
NI Secretary quizzed on Brexit impact on NI-GB trade and security
Brandon Lewis questioned by the Northern Ireland Affairs Committee on the implications of Brexit
15 January 2021
Progress needed on delivering common frameworks
Common Frameworks Scrutiny Committee writes to Minister for the Constitution and Devolution
17 December 2020
Government officials to be quizzed on Brexit preparedness
Officials from HMRC and the Cabinet Office questioned on IT, VAT and business preparedness for when the Northern Ireland Protocol takes effect at the end of the year
30 November 2020
Minister quizzed on post-Brexit cross-border security co-operation
The evidence session takes place on 25 November 2020
20 November 2020
NI Justice Minister Naomi Long to give evidence on post-Brexit cross-border security
Minister for Justice to be questioned on impact of no-deal Brexit on access to EU criminal databases and co-operation mechanisms with Republic of Ireland
14 November 2020
Pharmaceutical industry to answer questions on post-Brexit NI drug supply
Questions will be put to senior officials from the Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry
09 November 2020
Legacy proposals ‘unilateral and unhelpful’, say MPs
Committee publish interim report on the Government's new proposals to address the legacy of the Troubles in Northern Ireland
26 October 2020
UK Internal Market Bill violates the rule of law and threatens to undermine devolution arrangements, says Committee
The Committee publishes its report on the United Kingdom Internal Market Bill
16 October 2020
Shared Prosperity Fund in NI to be examined by Committee
Committee to question experts on the replacement of EU structural funds with the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, after Brexit
12 October 2020
Brandon Lewis to be quizzed on NI Protocol and Internal Markets Bill
Northern Ireland Affairs Committee questions Brandon Lewis on 16 September 2020 at 10am
15 September 2020
MPs to probe Northern Ireland Protocol
The Northern Ireland Affairs Committee has launched a wide-ranging inquiry that will examine the Northern Ireland Protocol and all its implications
10 September 2020
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